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With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, the need for accurate information on the topic of Vaccination has arisen  and this desire will persist for the foreseeable future.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be great to be able to read, understand, learn and so live better (and longer) from  well-written private label articles filled with the correct information that can be utilized by you and your family at an affordable price – before and after your vaccination jab/s ?

Well, Today is the day ! Because we at can present to you our series of thoughtfully prepared & written articles which collectively teach the reader ALL he/she wants to know / should know about the most popular and widely-used vaccines in use all round the world to combat the COVID-19 virus disease pandemic.

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These articles  cover a variety of topics and issues relating to the COVID-19 vaccines including:

ü  the side effects that they can and do cause

ü  health and safety risks of using vaccines

ü  the use of masks after being fully vaccinated


ü  their safe production and distribution. 

Also, there are articles that will explain the mode of action of the top 4 vaccines currently readily available, as well as considerations on their efficacy rate.


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For example  :


Ø  Risk of death from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine >>>> Article # 2

Ø  COVID-19 Variants: what are they ? how are they named and classified >>>> Article # 6

Ø  Safety aspects of the COVID-19 vaccines >>>> Article # 9

Ø  Herd Immunity (a.k.a. Community Immunity) : why is this the best strategy against COVID-19 & how is it achieved ? >>>> Article # 10 (includes a short video animation !)

Ø  How does a vaccine work in our bodies ? >>>> Article # 11

Ø  The Covid-19 vaccines + Our Immune System : How do they work together to combat this pandemic disease ? >>>> Article # 12

Ø  Afraid of an allergic reaction to your vaccination jab/s ? >>>> Article # 15


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