Do You Have What It Takes to Survive If A Disaster Strikes? 


Surviving in extreme conditions, meeting unusual challenges, being cut off from civilization – these are the situations most of us often associated with the art of survival. 

The most well-known survival skills include obtaining water and food, building shelter, orientation in the field and ensuring security. According to experts on the subject, apart from will, knowledge and luck, you don’t need anything more than a knife and flint, but if you approach the subject of survival more recreationally, it is worth learning and using a wide range of professional, simple-to-learn skills & equipment. Of course, there are no universal solutions for every situation or location.

Survival can be divided into several varieties, due to the location, needs and nature of survival. Here are the 3 main types of survival: 

  • Urban : its goal will be self-sufficiency and coping with urban conditions. This type of survival puts emphasis on improving one’s own abilities, sharpening cognitive elements as well as adapting and surviving in an urban agglomeration.
  • Green : When you find yourself outside of civilization, any skills and knowledge to survive in nature are useful. This type of survival is the most popular and most often practiced in a recreational form. In the advanced version, it also prepares you to survive during a kidnapping, catastrophe or natural disasters.
  • Military : uses elements of military training, e.g. shooting skills, orientation in the field, improving physical fitness and developing the ability to quickly analyse information useful to perform the assumed task. It can have a recreational form or fully resemble military training preparing for service in the army.

And Bear in Mind, You Must ………….

Are you interested in survival?

Of course you are ! it’s not just for lovers of military or extreme sports. Survival is primarily to teach the right behaviour and prepare us for crisis situations.

These can occur in any place even in our apartment or house, when there is a local power failure, gas supply cut off or other serious accident. 

The key to success is acquired and systematically improved skills and a set of appropriate tools and means. This is where we can help you ……..


“ 22-Must Know Basic Survival Skills