Read and Learn how to provide you and your family  with effective treatment and management  for common  illnesses & injuries. Whilst at home, during lockdowns, quarantine restrictions ,travel / touring, AND for national & international emergencies and disaster events when medical services and supplies will be in short supply…

Let’s face it…

Common illnesses and injuries are  unavoidable. Everybody gets affected by them sooner or later. However, we take them for granted because help and medications are always available.

(The fact is that these illnesses are easily curable without any extravagant examination from the doctors…)

If you wish to handle these issues on your
own, when help is not readily available and supplies are limited or non-existent as is the case during




       Emergencies & disasters


Read the following account carefully.


What we’re about to reveal will help you shed light on these illnesses and  share how you can use Over the counter (OTC) medications  to combat them. After all, despite pandemics, disasters, emergencies at crises, common illnesses (and injuries) still occur  it’s just that getting access to treat them is more difficult. Either because …..


doctors and hospital clinics are too busy :

pharmacies are closed :

OR lacking supplies (due to panic buying and hoarding) :

So why not enhance your knowledge about illnesses and the relevant OTC medications so that you can treat &  manage those illnesses more proficiently  – what most other people don’t have a clue where to start.

“ Know More, Be Sure “. That’s what our latest publication will do for you.


 You will read, learn and refer to it when you want to treat the most common illnesses and injuries. You will have confidence in what you do since you know what you are doing is correct & why it is the right course of action.

What’s OTC ?

OTCs are nonprescription medicines, which you can buy from a pharmacist without the need to have a prescription from a doctor. However, it will be of great benefit if you already have some knowledge about which medicine to buy AND why.

The OTC medicines range  is wide, certainly varied to treat a variety of common symptoms due to illnesses including; pain, coughs and colds, diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, and others specifically related to Adults, Women and Children.



But why should YOU believe any of OUR claims?

In addition,…..

“ Pharmacists have the skills, knowledge & public support to play an enhanced role in primary healthcare “. (Irish Pharmacy Union,17-06-2017).

What do you get when you order this publication that will help you proactively manage any non-life threatening illness, disease OR injury?


ü   It’s a short, e-book of 59 pages that you can go through quickly with the aid of the clickable index. Every page is filled with invaluable knowledge about OTC medicines, and how they combat illnesses. So, be rest assured that there’s no waffle.  

ü A complete chapter is dedicated to essential medical dressing kits, packs and instruments that make it easy for you to prepare your first aid kit for home and away from home use. It also comes in handy when you have to evacuate at short notice or what to stock up (not hoard !) during a lockdown scenario so that you  are well-equipped (physically & mentally) to confront impromptu personal and / or family emergencies.

ü  Separate chapters on specific OTC advice / medications for women and children.

ü   Basic information on common illnesses and how you can apply your newly acquired knowledge of OTC medications.

ü Explains OTC drugs & their significance regarding reducing the cost of healthcare budgets…

ü Once you read this book cover to cover, you’d have enough knowledge about OTC medications to help prepare you & your family common illnesses and first aid care.

ü Learn how to pack your medications to avoid damage ; Read and remember what you can and cannot bring through security checks at,for example, airports.

ü Read and Learn how to safely dispose of your unused medications, efficiently and in a responsible manner !

CLICK HERE to download (for FREE) a file of the index of CONTENTS for this e-publication.


Get the e-Manual here for just $9.99

This e-publication represents great value for money – just a single OTC purchase from reading our book could save you $$ ! Compare this to  the equivalent prescription charge and that’s excluding the cost of the visit to the physician’s clinic !

Also, no more queuing at the pharmacist, no more last-minute buys (expensive) at the departure lounge.

This e-book will be one of the most important purchases you make with respect to self-medication:   Self-medication is becoming an increasingly important area within healthcare. It moves patients towards greater independence in making decisions about management of minor illnesses, thereby promoting empowerment.



Like we stress regularly on our website, you cannot and must not rely on central government and / or local authorities to do and/or provide  everything for you – especially during a crisis of national /worldwide proportions whether they be services or supplies or both !

In fact, by contributing to the philosophy of self-medication, you and I are in effect not only reducing costs of prescribed drugs funded by local, regional or national health programmes but also increasing the general access to medication.

This in turn will significantly reduce the likelihood of us spending time in hospital.


#1).No refunds, all sales are final. Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within this package we cannot offer a refund policy on this product. This is a digital information based product. If an error was made, please send us an email to assistance@beginnerdisasterandsurvivalprep.com By not offering a refund policy we are protecting honest clients such as yourself that will benefit from the information contained within. Unfortunately, there are many people online who buy products  with the sole intention of returning them and/or sharing them on download  sites. Therefore, we have to protect the exclusive nature of our product by adopting this policy.  #2).No sharing. We do not permit sharing or reselling of this product. We will consider to prosecuting  all fraud and copyright infringement. Anyone infringing will be liable for damages plus legal costs.
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