Don’t Ignore Political / Social Unrest and Threats!

Political unrest is defined as the sum of riots, general strikes and anti-government demonstrations. Social unrest and tension can be caused by frustrations ranging from governments’ handling of the current crisis to mounting inequality and corruption.

Whether you are talking about domestic or foreign issues, politics and civil issues can create a survival situation in an instant. While some things are easily monitored long in advance, such as foreign relations, other situations may arise within an hour.

For example, an incident may happen that causes civil unrest where citizens are blocking roadways and burning buildings or entering neighborhoods to intimidate and threaten other citizens.

Even something that starts off peaceful as a protest can quickly spiral out of control, causing you to get caught in a dangerous situation. You want to be ready for any and all events that could derail your way of life.

Start by paying attention to civil issues that are on the news and listen to the chatter about any protest or reaction that could impact you and your family when commuting or even when at home.

When you are out and about, you want to be aware of any terror threats, whether they come from domestic or foreign entities. From the threat of a school shooting to one that is made against a country as a whole, you want to learn how to spot suspicious behavior and evacuate quickly.

When it comes to war, many people have become numb to this idea because they have not personally been in the midst of it themselves. Many battles have taken place outside of the United States, but that doesn’t mean it will never come to your soil.

Not only do you need to be aware of what is going on in the world because of situations such as the draft, but the threat may be directed at your country or your state. You want to be capable of protecting your family in the event of an invasion or an attack on your home and/or property.

There are certain products you can buy as a survival prepper that will help you during wartime or terror events. For example, there are masks and radiation pills that can offer a degree of protection, as well as clothing that will offer protection against certain dangerous elements.

War today may not be what it was in the past. Instead of governments keeping the battle between military entities, using bombs and planes, there may be more advanced threats, such as crippling our grid.

You will need to know how to listen to information about what is going on using a weather radio or ham radio and have the tools on hand to serve as defense mechanisms and survival gear that will keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe and secure.

How To React in Case of Social / Political Unrest

If you’re on the street

Stay calm. If you are stuck in the middle of a riot, move slowly and carefully out of the crowd. Leave the area as quickly as possible without running (to avoid drawing attention to yourself). 

Take shelter in a sufficiently large and secure place and wait until the crowd has dispersed to get out.  If you need consular assistance, contact your embassy or consulate. 

The police may have to use water cannons or tear gas, so it is advisable not to be at the head of the procession. It is useless to try to cross the security cords, the forces of Law & Order will not let you pass. 

To the extent that journalists may be targeted by the police or by protesters, do not take photographs or use your cell phone. Public transport should be avoided as it can be overcrowded or targeted by protesters and pose a threat to your safety.

If you’re at home (inside)

Stay calm. Stay indoors, lock doors and close windows. It is advisable to stay away from windows and balconies, this minimizes the risk of being hit by a bullet or a stone.  Do not take pictures. Again, stay informed by watching the media. If a curfew is imposed, respect it. If you’re in another country and need consular assistance, contact your embassy or consulate.

This ends our mini-series about 4 potential survival events we should prepare for in the future. I trust you found it worthwhile.

If there was one topic which elicited more feedback from a previous edition it was that concerning The Emergency Fund. In fact, many readers had assumed this topic would be related to Relief Aid and international agencies such as the Red Cross or Medicine Sans Frontiers.

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