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It may seem ironic if not contradictory if this introduction is asking the reader to always bear in mind the following advice, namely ……

Escape is the best defence when you are confronted by a life and / or serious injury threatening situation.

There are 2 reasons for adopting this attitude when the possibility to escape exists :

(1) Self-defence tools/devices currently available are often dangerous to the user or cannot be used properly without proper training.

(2) There is always the likelihood that use of such tools/devices could make the attacker more aggressive. So, if you have to use a self defence tool make sure its one you prefer and know how to use to the best of its capabilities i.e. features !

Which Self Defence Devices To Consider

The world can be an intimidating place, so why not have something to defend against in a hairy situation? We are all a little afraid of being the next victim of a random assault or home invasion. On the other hand, we all think about the consequences of using lethal means and the serious trouble that can come from acting in self-defense. The best solution ?

Non-lethal self-defense items that will leave your attacker helpless, in pain, and ripe for police pickup. Stun guns, sticks and pepper gel, tactical pens are all viable options. Also worthy of consideration are high intensity flashlights which are discussed in the ‘Survival Lighting’ section.

The 2 options we will discuss here are (i) Tactical Pens and (ii) Pepper Sprays.


Tactical pens are a type of ballpoint pen with special functions. They are also often called self-defense pens or tactical pens. They combine writing utensils, tools and weapons in a small pen . They are very inconspicuous and do not attract attention as a weapon since they look like a normal ballpoint pen.

They are built to be very robust and resistant . The surface is usually roughened or grooved so that the tactical pen lies comfortably in your hand and does not slip away when you write. The writing tip is on one end and the so-called “combat tip” on the other . It consists of sturdy metals and can be used as a glass breaker or as a list of self-defense weapons.

A tactical pen such as a Kubotan can be used as a weapon . It is an Asian melee weapon. With different punch and grip variants you can cause strong pain stimuli in your attacker.

If you are traveling in situations in which you feel unsafe, then always keep the tactical pen in one place on your body or on your clothing so that it is within easy reach.

Usually the lead is protected at the writing tip with a screw cap. There is usually a clip on this that you can use to attach the pen to your belt or a bag . Thanks to their compact size, they can be easily stowed away and taken anywhere.

The hard tip of the tactical pen can be used as a kubotan as well as a glass breaker and, for example, free yourself from your car if the door jams after an accident and you cannot get out otherwise.

Tactical pens are often also called multi-purpose pens and, in addition to the additional functions as a Kubotan or glass breaker, have the main task of writing. Note, however, that they are heavier and usually larger than conventional ballpoint pens.

With a tactical pen you can cause serious injuries to your opponent . Be aware of this and use the tactical pen as a last resort as a Kubotan and thus as a cutting and stabbing weapon . If you use the tactical ballpoint pen as a weapon without being in an emergency situation, this is a criminal offense.

As a self-defence weapon, the tactical pen is just as popular with women as the pepper spray. Since they are often physically inferior to their attacker, carrying such a weapon within reach is usually calming and helpful in an emergency.

If you really want to use your tactical pen as a self-defense weapon, then you should attend an appropriate self-defense course to learn fighting and grip techniques with the pen. It is a melee weapon and if you cannot handle it appropriately, your opponent risks disarming you.

The advantages and disadvantages of tactical pens are clearly presented below.

handy and small
inconspicuous weapon
high impact with little effort
pretty tough
As a striking weapon, it can cause serious injuries.
Use as a Kubotan requires training.
Heavy nature makes it uncomfortable for use as a regular pen.
Tactical Pen Self Defense Infographic

From Visually.

Additional Information ; Buying Advice & Faqs

The main features to look for in the best tactical pen are:

  • Made of solid alloy
  • well-designed handle
  • The pen works like a pen
  • discreet

If the Tactical Pens characteristic has each of these qualities, then it’s one of the best. You want it to be made from a strong alloy to make sure it won’t break even under intense pressure.

The handle should be designed to prevent the pen from slipping in your hands when using it for self-defence.

The pen should be discreet and be a functional pen., You also want the pen to have replaceable ink cartridges for long term use.

it’s also a nice bonus feature if it includes a carbide tipped glass breaker.

Once these conditions are met, the best tactical pen is one that is affordable and that you will carry every day.

Summary, Reminders & Faqs

A tactical pen is primarily for writing, just like a regular pen. However, in the event of a threat, it can be used for defense .

It can hit sensitive areas or nerve points.

Tactical pens are strong and made from durable materials such as steel, aerospace and titanium so they can withstand impact and not break.

It is an ideal defense tool, it is available and has no restrictions.

It can be carried like a regular pen, but it’s worth learning at least the basics of self-defense with this tool.

<<<<Are tactical pens legal in the UK?
No, this pen is specifically made as a weapon. Carrying anything specifically for self defence is illegal in the UK.It’s all about your intention. If you carry absolutely anything specifically to use to assault someone you’re breaking the law.

<<<<<<< Can I have a tactical pen in Canada?
What does this mean for you? You are legally allowed to carry this stick. However, like any legal weapon in Canada. However, it cannot be used, even in self-defence (!)

<<< Are tactical pens worth it ?
Yes, they are viable self-defense, escape, and hand-to-hand combat weapons. Additionally, tactical pens are versatile and could save your life in more ways than solely if you’re being attacked. For example, it can get you out of a submerged vehicle and notify people that you’re in danger.

<<< What should I look for in a tactical pen?
Look for a pen made of strong, durable, lightweight components (think aluminum, titanium, etc.).
Aesthetics: It’s more than just selecting the coolest-looking model.
An innocuous-looking pen won’t draw unwanted attention or get confiscated at the airport.
Ink: Don’t forget this tool’s original mission i.e. writing.

Before reviewing a number of Tactical Pen options, it’s wise for us to define a number of terminology used to describe particular features / functions / characteristics typical to these types of pens. This enables the potential buyer to fully understand what is on offer.

1 = STYLUS :
A stylus is a pen shaped instrument with a round rubber piece that moves effortlessly across touchscreen devices.
It is an instrument used to navigate on a phone or tablet. A stylus is used by placing it on the touchscreen surface.

Usable as Kubotan i.e.Self-Defence tool.

A Space Pen (also known as the Zero Gravity Pen), marketed by Fisher Space Pen Company, is a pen that uses pressurized ink cartridges and is able to write in zero gravity, underwater, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and in a very wide range of temperatures.


GROUP 1 = The Best EDC Tactical Pens

NAME of TACTICAL PEN Gerber Impromptu RovyVon C20 Commander Fisher Space PenClutch Sminiker Professional Defender
INTRODUCTION The Gerber Impromptu is a strong and solid tactical pen with glass breaker. Unlike many other tactical pens the glass breaker hasn’t been placed underneath a cap, but next to the tip of the pen. As such the Impromptu works like a pen with a regular clicking system. The RovyVon Commander C20 is a tactical pen made of titanium and is precision CNC machined. The body utilises pure titanium for a comfortable hold and touch, while the cap and mechanical components utilise TC4 titanium alloy. The titanium build of this pen makes it lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. The Clutch is a tough Ballpoint pen made for tough jobs. Designed for use in the oil field industry, it is the perfect go-to pen in even the harshest conditions; from freezing cold to scorching heat, at any angle including upside down, through grease, underwater, and for three times longer than an average ballpoint pen. Arguably, the best beginner / budget tactical pen on the market at the moment. It has a heavy duty pocket clip so that you can attach it to your shirt,pant pockets ,backpack, bags and notebook, etc. Perfect for daily use and traveling.
BASIC SPECIFICATIONS : - weight - dimensions - material --> 62g ; 14.4cm (length) ; stainless steel. --> 26.8g ; 12.7cm (length) ; Pure titanium & TC4 titanium. --> 34g ; 13.8cm (Length Capped / Retracted ) ; anodized aluminum. --> 109g ; 19cm (length) ; aluminium.
DESCRIPTION / FUNCTION / FEATURES - Stainless steel body coated with a flat dark earth, or tactical grey or black colour to give extra durability. - All weather writing pen ; - integrated glass breaker ; - re-inforced tungsten tip ; - fastening clip ; - can be used as a Kubotan = YES - can be used as a Stylus = NO ; - Fisher Space Pen feature = YES ; - It looks more like a professional office pen than a tactical one for the outdoors ! However, it’s just as capable as the rest of its competitors. - integrated glass breaker thanks to the ceramic ball installed in the top of the cap ; - equipped with a German-made gel ink pen refill ; - an integrated pocket clip keeps it handy until needed ; - can be used as a Stylus = NO ; - can be used as a Kubotan = YES ; - Fisher Space Pen feature = YES ; It has a hefty, rugged body. It was designed to be used with gloves for people working in the oil industry, which means outdoors and in tough conditions. The pen is designed to match the toughness of the refill, which means operating in -30 degrees F to 250 degrees F, underwater, in the rain, upside down, and writing on almost any surface. - All weather writing pen ; - fastening clip ; - can be used as a Stylus = NO ; - Fisher Space Pen feature = YES ; The Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen is a sturdy and reliable writing instrument that also happens to be a formidable self-defense tool. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it's built to last. - integrated glass breaker ; - 6 Ink Refills ; - an integrated pocket clip ; - can be used as a Stylus = NO ; - Fisher Space Pen feature = YES ;
PROS & CONS + All-weather pen ; + excellent push button mechanism makes it easy to use especially under challenging scenarios. + glass breaker is very good. < Exposed tactical tip can get in the way of writing. + The C20 comes with a RX10 EDC organiser box too so you can keep your pen and other EDC gear safe and organised ; + Within its titanium body lies a clever rotating and retractable system, able to twist and lock ; < the tritium inserts in the cap are not included. There is no option to buy these inserts if one wanted to add them. This is an example of a misleading product description rather than a false one. + Its hefty hexagonal finger grip design ensures that you will maintain a solid grasp on the pen even when wearing thick gloves. + The Space Pen Clutch writes smoothly through grease and even underwater, making it a versatile tool for any challenging situation. < the click mechanism inside the pen is completely plastic = durability concerns. + very good defensive device. + customer support is good < If attached to a shirt because it's top heavy, the pen pulls the shirt pocket down.
OVERALL RATING website link. (CLICK IMAGE). website link. (CLICK IMAGE). N / A website link. (CLICK IMAGE). N/A. N / A N / A website link. (CLICK IMAGE). N / A N / A

GROUP 2 = The Best EDC Tactical Pens incl. Flashlight

NAME of TACTICAL PEN TF Takeflight The Atomic Bear SWAT Nitecore NCNTP 20 Titanium Nitecore NCNTP 30 Titanium
INTRODUCTION This cool pen multifunctional tool is used by military pilots, navy seals, first aiders, SWAT and other demanding professions and has grown well to the rigours of everyday use. This is a reliable personal safety and outdoor survival tool for EDC purposes and it comes at an extremely affordable price. The NiteCore NTP20 is a titanium tactical pen for extreme conditions that can be used as a self-defense and escape tool. In addition to daily paperwork on practically any surface, the NTP20 is used for tactical defense or to get out of life-threatening situations. The NiteCore NTP30 is a tactical pen made of titanium and offers high stability, extreme impact resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.
BASIC SPECIFICATIONS : - weight ; - dimensions (length) ; - material ; --> 86g ; 15.24cm ; aluminium. --> 48g ; 15.24cm ; aircraft grade aluminium , (Black colour) --> 37.7g ; 14.2cm ; NTP20 Tactical Pen is made of titanium alloy (TC4). --> 27g ; 13.3cm ; Titanium Alloy (TC4).
DESCRIPTION / FUNCTION / FEATURES This Takeflight design is a tactical pen perfect for survival and EDC needs. - strong LED flashlight to inhibit an attacker & for use during a power outage ; - the glass breaker tip is not just a single machined tip but something sturdy ; - feels lightweight due to aircraft-grade aluminium composition ; - 2 nos. ink refills ; - other features/functions include bottle/can opener & screwdriver. - can be used as a stylus = NO - Kubotan function = YES. - Fisher Space Pen feature = YES. The SWAT tactical pen is a writing pen and glass breaker all fused in one. It writes well for the most part and feels pretty solid with the aircraft-grade aluminum body and the tungsten glass breaker tip. - Integrated glass breaker ; - Reinforced tip with Tungsten steel ; - Fastening clip ; - Kubotan characteristic = YES ; - Stylus feature = NO ; - Fisher Space Pen feature = YES. it is characterized by its low weight, extreme robustness, excellent resistance to corrosion and good skin-friendliness. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the NTP20 fits comfortably in the hand. The anti-slip knurling increases the friction resistance and prevents slipping. - multifunctional, light and robust - Ballpoint pen, works anytime, anywhere ; - High-quality, replaceable gel ink refill ; - tapered tungsten steel tip glass breaker ; - Self Defence Tool ; - Robust stainless steel clip made of titanium ; - Stylus feature = NO. Purpose = Writing instrument ; glass breaker ; self defence ; & tactical use. - Reliable bi-directional locking construction ; - multifunctional, light and robust Ballpoint pen, works anytime, anywhere ; - high-quality, replaceable gel ink refill ; - tapered tungsten steel tip glass breaker ; - Stylus feature = NO.
PROS & CONS + Excellent LED flashlight for protection and light source during power interruptions ; + Versatile use due to inclusion of other tools ; + writes smoothly ; + spare battery included in package. < revealing pen tip a bit cumbersome ! + Offers an excellent grip and contact; fits well in a reverse grip ; + Includes a 300D nylon pouch, extra ink refill, and lifetime warranty < Pen is a "bit long" ; < Consumes ink quickly. + very good quality Schneider gel ink cartridge where the ink is under gas pressure ; + good range of features / functions ; < availability sometimes a problem. + Due to the ergonomic design, the NTP30 fits comfortably in the hand ; + The bidirectional slider allows you to choose between a ballpoint pen and a tungsten steel tip ; < sometimes difficult to purchase/short in supply.


Before discussing this topic, it’s important for us to remind you to check the legality of this device in your country and / or state. For example, the possession and/or use of this type of self-protection tool is prohibited in the UK and The Netherlands but not in Germany and the USA.

Pepper spray is a powerful substance containing capsaicin—or Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) which is derivative of cayenne pepper. It causes temporary blindness and an excruciating burning sensation in the eyes and mouth that incapacitates attackers—allowing for a safe getaway. Below is a more detailed and illustrative explanation of the effectiveness of Pepper Sprays :

Therefore, we like to stress that it’s not only important to learn how to use such a device BUT ALSO devices like this should be used in a responsible manner in that minimal force is used to deter the attacker/s and help you get away quickly. To achieve both objectives – practice, practice and practice and that includes trying your device on yourself if only in a limited fashion.


The very nature of this product means that we have concentrated on reviewing and recommending products from a brand company, in this case Sabre. This is a market leader as regards pepper sprays production and quality. The company doesn’t stray from the traditional design of a pepper spray canister, which helps its products dominate the market. Sabre is also affordable with many of its best products in a sweet spot between $10 and $20 that won’t stretch your budget and this includes their top device the Sabre Red Pepper Gel.

SABRE Tactical Pepper Gel With Belt Holster
Arguably, the most popular pepper sprays on the market. Part of its success comes down to a recent innovation in self-defense sprays: gel.
- Gel-based sprays are a liquid-based option that’s heavier than traditional aerosol sprays. This gives gels a huge advantage because they’re less likely to drift back into your eyes as you spray at an attacker.
- This reduction in blowback makes gels safer to use. Gels are also easier to aim because the spray comes out in a stream you can point at an attacker’s face.

Characteristics :
Carry Method = clip-on holster
Volume = 1.8 oz.
No.of Bursts = 18
Spray Range = 18 feet

- safer gel spray feature as opposed to traditional aerosol
- good spray range value
- great value for money product.

- NO practice canister
- some customer feedback include dripping problems.



Product Name: Fight 4 Family : A comprehensive online course that teaches you self defence for your family.

Fight 4 Family by John Hartman is a survival course that teaches you specific self-defense skills to protect you and your family from physical attacks such as home invasions, muggings, kidnappings, and assaults.

Did you know that every 9 seconds, a woman is assaulted in the US? Did you know that as many as eight million-plus property crimes (burglaries, robbery, car thefts) are recorded every year in the US alone ? Also, as many as $14 billion were lost in these property crimes, and there is no indication that these crime rates are likely to drop in the near future.

So, should you assume that this will never happen to you and/or your family ? OF COURSE NOT !!!!

For those who do not want to risk their hard-earned money and their family’s well-being, I am presenting a detailed review of a beneficial and modern family defence system called the Fight 4 Family program devised by JOHN HARTMAN :

A professional disaster and family survival training expert, John Hartman is a retired member of the US Armed Forces with a solid background in military-grade combat training. It shows in the unique ways he conducts his self-defence course in the fight 4 family program.

John asserts that his secret moves and techniques do not involve Judo or Taekwondo, which in his opinion, are not suitable for real-life threats. Instead, John shows some very carefully guarded fighting techniques based on instinct and the human tendency to resist. John has also been conducting seminars and teaching people how to defend their families. A lot of people have already benefited from the fight 4 family course.

The fight 4 family is probably the fastest to learn and the best self-defence course out there. And that is not even the best thing about it. The entire family self-defence course comes at an affordable price and includes a handy collection of additional bonus contents that you get for free!

Who is the ideal candidate for the Fight 4 Family defence system?

The answer is anyone and everyone. Whether young or old, male or female, adult or kid, the fight 4 family program has methods that suit every person. The entire system is designed keeping in mind the strength and weaknesses of the human body and doesn’t require any martial arts background or familiarity with using weapons of any kind.

You can easily follow the techniques illustrated in the Fight 4 Family defence system and learn how to defend your family from attackers regardless of their number or size. You can also use the teachings of the fight 4 family program to help your kid if they are bullied at school or make them a tough person anyway.

What You Get With The Fight 4 Family Package …..

1) Fight 4 Family e-book – The primary family survival guide by John Hartman is presented in the form of an e-book and accompanying video lessons where he teaches you how to protect your family in unexpected and adverse situations. Using the e-book, you will be able to learn:-

(a) What to do and what not to do when someone is stalking or following you on the street.

(b) The ONE weapon you need to carry (and probably always have already!) to overcome any attack on you or your family.

(c) Six top secret and advanced military combat techniques that you can deploy when there is danger.

(d) How to use a secretive and exclusive fight technique called the “Primal Move.”

(e) Why using your fist in a fight can be one of the biggest mistakes you are making, and how you can use other combat techniques that are often more powerful and damaging than your fists.

(f) The “Hard to Soft” fighting technique is a guaranteed move to knock out your opponent. It is an effortless but fierce move, by using which you can knock out the teeth or break the nose of your attacker within a flash!

The entire self-defence program is well illustrated with accompanying videos and is not entirely in text format, making it easier for anyone to follow. Along with the fight 4 family e-book and instructional videos, you also get access to exclusive bonus content when you buy.


Bonus #1: The Fighting Fit Training – About 53 minutes of 22 high-intensity training videos are provided in this feature, where you learn how to become exceptionally quick and powerful. The “Fighting Fit” training will help you make all the moves and techniques explained in the Fight 4 Family survival system with double the impact.

Bonus #2: The Underground Weapons Guide tells you how to build five potent and simple weapons entirely from scratch, using materials found at home or any local hardware store easily. Using a very detailed DIY self-defence guide, John tells you how to make the following weapons by yourself – pepper spray, collapsible steel baton, thermite grenade, slingshot, and bow.

Bonus #3: The Plan B Survival Guide – Not everything can go our way, and that is why John has included this particular bonus content in his fight 4 family system. The Plan B Survival Guide is the “last resort” that you can turn to when all of the moves and techniques that have been provided so far failed to shift the tide for you. Using this last-minute backup plan, you can cover all your bases and become truly equipped with every possible method to neutralize your opponent/s.



  • One of the fastest and easiest ways to learn self-defence techniques and moves to defend your family
  • E-Book format. Immediately available following payment no matter time OR your location
  • Simple yet highly effective methods to protect your family
  • It can be used by people of all ages, sex, and backgrounds. So, even if you do not know karate or have never used a weapon, the fight 4 family program will help you become self-sufficient in protecting your family
  • No need to spend months learning the fighting techniques of Judo, Taekwondo, etc
  • Highly affordable; no need to purchase any weapon or additional equipment
  • It doesn’t involve the use of guns
  • Excellent value for money when compared to other similar self-defence courses online
  • Solid 60-day full money refund guarantee



Do You Know How To Protect YOUR HOME In Times Of Social Breakdown ?

‘I’m with you with all my heart’: French mayor whose home was ram-raided by rioters is consoled by local residents during walkabout after ‘assassination attempt’ on his family on fifth night of unrest in Paris suburb. (July 2023).
A French mayor whose home was ram-raided by rioters while his family slept inside has been consoled by local residents during a walkabout of the Parisian suburb.
The attack happened to Vincent Jeanbrun’s home in L’Hay-les-Roses in the early hours of Sunday morning (3-07-2023), as violent clashes between protestors and police broke out during a fifth night of unrest.

Riots which have rocked the country were sparked by the death of 17-year-old Nahel Merzouk, who was allegedly ‘executed’ by police during a traffic stop on Tuesday, a week earlier. A total of 719 people were arrested in France following the widespread unrest.

Last night saw Mr Jeanbrun’s home was targeted by rioters, who used a car to ram through the gates of his home and then tried to set it alight. He was not at home at the time.
His wife and child managed to flee but were injured in the chaos. He has condemned the act as a ‘murder attempt of unspeakable cowardice’.

The mayor of the south Paris suburb emerged today do a walkabout, where he was consoled by local residents who implored him to ‘stay strong’, with one man telling him: ‘Mister mayor, we are with you’.

Self-defense is a common trend in war zone countries like Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, and Libya. You don’t need to live in those countries for you to learn how to defend yourself in times of social breakdown. You might be wondering if a self-defense and survival program is suitable for you. Having just read the news article above, I’m quite sure your answer is an emphatic Yes !

Sometimes we might feel that we live in a place where our lives and that of our family is not at risk, but you never can tell when you will need all those self-defense tactics to protect your family, your home and your life at large during social breakdown times.

It is for this ever-present / lingering threat that we can present to you a solution to better prepare yourself to counter this threat ….. THE BULLETPROOF HOME DEFENCE PROGRAMME.

Full details of this new publication which is written by Steve Walker (a U.S.Army veteran with over 20 years of service) can be obtained by clicking on the link below but here is our concise review of what is on offer from a publication which complements another home protection protocol discussed previously (i.e Disaster Prep Scenarios – Part 1 of 3 : Basic Knowledge.)

1 –

The Bulletproof Home is what you need to enhance your skills and save yourself when
times old people are being beaten open by vicious gangs inside their homes, vicious
psychopaths beating or killing people just for the fun of it and at times when no 911 is
there for you to call for help from the police.

2 –

This is a comprehensive home defense strategy guide that is going to present you with
anything you require to know for the complete defense of your home.

3 –

There is clarity and conciseness in the way it tells what exactly to do for you to
realize success. Upon Steve Walker’s description of every tip and strategy, he offers to
you as the reader an explanation as to why you should follow the advice he presents.
Also, he explains the meaning it has in your home defense.

4 –

The Bulletproof Home is not the only thing that you are going to get. The
creator’s desire is that his readers get fully prepared in the event of an emergency :

Another e-publication is also included when you buy this product. This is going to show you how
to administer emergency medical treatment in the event something occurs to you and/or another
person when no doctors are available to offer help.

ALSO, you are going to be presented with a special preparation and home defence guide that has been particularly designed for you as a person in his or her 60s or over.


  • Achieving A Bulletproof Mindset
  • Tailoring Defense Strategies To Your Specific Needs
  • Special Bonuses included with this product.

Here is the link (below) to read more details about this e-book and how to get immediate access irrespective of where you are located and the time of day !



CLICK THE LINK (below) to read the review of the Mountain Warehouse 7 in 1 Survival Whistle + Waterproof Storage + Mirror for Signaling Device. CLICK HERE !



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