Introduction to Disaster & Survival Preparedness Today.

Beginner Disaster and Survival is on a mission.

We exist to enthusiastically communicate & educate excellent best practices related to Disaster and Survival preparedness. This will allay fear, apprehension and frustration whilst exceeding visitor / customer expectations so that he/she can begin to enjoy the benefits of a safe, secure, healthy and prolonged lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Being bombarded with information is daunting at the best of times.When it occurs during a pandemic or major local, national or global level and you are not prepared in advance, there is very little to stop you and your loved ones facing a life-changing or life-threatening situation.

Relying on the authorities and / local municipal council to come to your rescue without delay is unrealistic and, of course, very risky. The authorities will already have plenty of large-scale issues to consider. As an individual with responsibilities to your family, you have to be in a position to take the initiative and look after yourself (and family) instead of expecting others to do it for you !

That’s where we can help. Our primary objective is to teach, advise and help individuals and their families who are either completely new to the idea of disaster and survival preparedness or who have limited knowledge but zero experience of putting their know-how into practice.

Providing quality content, advice, product reviews (and later in the future, an online course) that will enable the newbie, or un-initiated to establish him/herself AND their families as knowledgeable preppers able to react with minimum difficulty to impromptu and potentially life-changing / life-threatening situations or instructed evacuations. You will note our use of ‘families’ because kids and teens should always be a part of your prepper / survival and Family Disaster plans. We’ll show you how !

The world we live in is an unstable one. (Just like the planet we inhabit is Dynamic). Therefore, nothing should be taken for granted.

From natural disasters of biblical proportions to concerns about the economic downturn and government shutdown, the hits just keep on coming. At the same time, the power grid is incredibly fragile. All it takes is one event to disrupt our way of life.

Our dependency on widely distributed long distance systems for power, medicine, and food makes industrialized societies susceptible to attack, whether by foreign or domestic enemies, the weather and, of course, pandemic diseases. 

No matter the concern, the solutions are the same centred  around the fact that we’ll have to learn how to take care of ourselves.

From this website, anyone can learn : How To Be Prepared for the disruption of services is a noble attribute which gives peace of mind to the reader who can then pass his knowledge and experience onto his family, friends and co-workers.

This site will empower visitors, not just subscribers, irrespective of skill level, knowledge or previous experience and origin, to achieve sustainable lifestyles by teaching them how to be safe, be comfortable and be fed.

This is a very old, but true and still very valid adage. Nothing can be more reassuring than a sense of security & good feeling sensation when you know you are prepared for almost any emergency situation – home or somewhere else. After all, you (and the family) have the necessary Knowledge and Mindset plus accesses to relevant Equipment and Supplies that will significantly contribute to your eventual safety and survival.   

Almost every day we can see how in other parts of the globe the consequences of natural and man-made disasters as well conflicts and social/economic issues. Such events are made worse by the lack of preparation or non-existent preparation. Every time we see or listen to another media coverage of a calamity, we should be asking ourselves …….

– Can I provide food for my family when merchandise and supplies to stores are unexpectedly interrupted?
– Can I provide my family with clean water?

The truth is that most of us can’t. We live in a highly specialized world with a complex infrastructure. Food is never farther than the nearest corner store, and drinking water (from reliable sources) flows from the tap on demand.

It is a salutary end product coming from highly specialized, interconnected systems, dependent on the people who operate it. However, what if these personnel are unable to provide services, or worse, the infrastructure breaks down OR ceases to exist? It’s enough to remove a component to hamper the entire system.

Then What ?

Will you go to the nearest store to buy food, hoping that the other 3,000 neighbours living in the area haven’t had the same idea? Will you trust that the store staff has not already bought all the goods for themselves and their families?

Did you know that generally all stores, when ordering an assortment, assume that never more than 30% of the population will come shopping on the same day?

Civil defence agencies around the world advise you to secure yourself and your household with supplies of food, medicines and light energy resources (e.g.batteries) for a minimum of 14 days.

What does that actually mean? Have you ever thought about it? 

The government KNOWs that in the event of a large-scale disaster, it can take up to 14 days for help to reach you . What you can do as a responsible citizen is to prepare water and food supplies for those 14 days. Unfortunately, this is not very practical: most of us might live in houses or apartments which have limited space to store supplies. In addition, rising food prices make storing food “just in case” quite an expensive investment.

Is the method of preparing for difficult times based on the the assumption that “in case of emergency you can or will have to go to the forest in order to survive”?  NO, OF COURSE NOT ! 

The solution to this dilemma is to understand your own needs and research products from reputable manufacturers/companies that will satisfy these needs. Sometimes small items are enough, such as a good, reliable flint or stainless steel tourist dishes, thanks to these you can cook and eat at the campsite or in the event of a power failure at home. 


– Mainstream media has made it ‘ACCEPTABLE’.
– You can prepare on any size of budget – big or small
– The internet is loaded with tips & strategies from which the ‘newbie’ can understand, learn, practice and remember
– Companies / manufactures as well as suppliers are now catering to preppers et el with ready-made supplies. (supply/demand ethos)
– There are numerous online communities (e.g.facebook groups) as well as offline communities full of like-minded individuals
– You can tailor your plans (emergency & survival) according to your preferences once you understand the basic underlying principles
– Global events have made prepping a necessity instead of a luxury pastime or hobby
– DIY gadgets have given us a greater probability to overcome life-changing and/or life-threatening situations.

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the corona pandemic, there has been a boom in Prepper numbers. These are people who prophylactically prepare for any kind of catastrophe.They hoard food, build shelters and train in survival courses.

Being prepared in the event of a disaster, whether it’s a power outage, natural disasters or the onset of war, more and more people all over the world want to be prepared for a crisis. And they will do a lot for that.

The demand for emergency supplies exploded during the Covid-19 virus pandemic and now – since the beginning of the war – the companies which specialize in selling emergency supplies, have seen their sales quadruple in recent months.


The demand for survival courses is also steadily increasing, explicitly those catering for people who are interested in surviving a crisis.

” The people around me are my greatest danger”, said one expert survivalist: “A power failure or a natural disaster can be resolved after a certain amount of time. However, unrest or looting can quickly break out among the population.”

Preparing for a crisis or surviving in an emergency requires not only material or technical preparation, but also mental ones. A crisis can trigger anxiety and stress, affecting the ability to make clear decisions and remain calm. It is therefore important to prepare for an emergency by training your mental strength and learning to deal with difficult situations. 

However, it is important to be aware that the resources and skills one has acquired in advance may be limited and one may still need help from others in an extreme situation.

Again, a Warm Greeting to you all, you are most welcome !


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