Every Day Carry (EDC) Bag : Part 2 of 2 – Model Options

Before starting our reviews, I think it only appropiate to once again emphasize the fundamental difference between the backpack bag and its shoulder counterpart :

Whilst with a shoulder bag you can take out what you need out of it. On the other hand, with a backpack, you must first remove it from your shoulders before you can take your items.


  • SIZE: We suggest carrying the smallest EDC backpack for your everyday needs this. You can look for something with customization options to add or remove spaces are you need to. You’re looking for a MOLLE pouch integration which will give you this customization and somewhat evolve as per your requirements
  • EVERYDAY USE: This one’s a little obvious and is definitely one of our most important factors in choosing a good EDC backpack because you must be comfortable when wearing it.
  • TRAVEL: A good EDC backpack should easily work as both your carry on backpack and your travel day pack; it should fulfill all of your needs at home and also on the road.
5.11 Tactical Military Backpack - RUSH12
The Rush12 is one of the best backpacks for EDC items. It is large enough to fit enough stuff for 12 hours, and it has so many MOLLE panels on the outside you could attach about a week’s worth of gear just to the exterior of the bag.
The abundance of internal pockets and compartments ensures that there’s a spot for everything you might want to put inside, and that it will be easy to keep things organized.

- This bag is made from 1050D Nylon, which means excellent water resistance and even better durability
- It is also worth noting that this EDC backpack is equipped with YKK zippers, which are the best in the market.
- Dimensions: 18" x 11" x 6.5” (main compartment dimensions)
- Capacity: 24 liters
- Material: 1050D Nylon

NAME of MODEL Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus. Peak Design Everyday Zip 15L Backpack. Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24 Backpack. Hazard 4 Pillbox Backpack. The North Face JESTER' Backpack.
GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The Classic has a 15 '' laptop sleeve with dedicated space and padding, as well as exterior zippered pockets for easy access. fast-moving items, such as a phone or wallet. The smaller interior compartments are much smaller than might have been expected but there is ample storage in the rest of the bag. Along with the easy-to-carry handle and nylon / leather construction, you get designated space for your tablet or documents, and packaging that will last a lifetime. The mix of nylon and leather allows you to boast the appeal of leather, while providing added durability. Peak Design’s Everyday Zip is an extremely minimal and low-profile travel backpack. Its 100% recycled 400D weatherproof construction features a single 270-degree zipper. It is the simple, urban aesthetic of the Everyday Backpack Zip. Durability is a concern since scuffs and scratches appear less than a month after use. The Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24 is a durable, thoughtfully-designed, quick-access pack—although they have had some issues with the organization. it’s definitely not waterproof, but you don’t have to worry about your gear when you’re caught in some lightly rainy weather or have a rougher terrain to trek on your commute. Excellent durability. The Hazard 4 Pillbox camera backpack was designed to keep expensive optics like camera lenses safe, but the molded foam shell’s semi-rigid structure allows for extra protection for whatever you choose to put inside. The unique look of the backpack is an added plus as well. An Ultimate Backpack in Every Way - The Jester benefits from North Face's premium quality, while bringing you over thirty different colors and styles. Made of 600D nylon, this 26 liter capacity backpack comes with the storage you need and dedicated space for a 15 "laptop that you can't live without. This package comes with a few doors -water bottles on the sides, but if you use half or more of the total space, the pressure makes them a bit unnecessary.
SPECIFICATIONS. Capacity 22 L Weight 1 Kg Materials: Recycled poly blend Dimensions : - 450 x 320 x 180 mm - The model height cm ; & 174 cm (female). Capacity 15 L Weight 2.51 lbs Materials: 400/900D DWR-impregnated recycled nylon material Dimensions : 17.5 in x 10.5 in x 7.9 in (44.5 x 26.7 x 20.1 cm) - laptop compartment size = 13" Capacity 24 L Weight 2.30 lbs Materials: 330 Robic fabric Dimensions : 18.5 in x 11 in x 10 in (47 x 27.9 x 25.4 cm) Capacity 29.5 L Weight 5 lbs 2.5 oz Materials: Invista 1000D CORDURA fabric Dimensions: 19.7" L x 12.2" x 7.5" D (50 cm L x 31 cm W x 19 cm D) Capacity 26 L Weight 2 lbs Materials: 600D polyester ; 450D x 300D heather polyester 1200D polyester = Many different types of material - ALL very strong. Dimensions : 19.75 x 13.5 x 7.5 in.
PROS - water-resistance is further enhanced with the durable YKK Aquaguard zippers that help keep the rain out even under extended downpours. - Wide range of colours to choose from - The low-profile minimal aesthetic of the backpack helps you blend in when you’re in a crowd for discreet travel. - Made of quality, durable, bluesign® approved materials - UltraZip is smooth to use—even around curves - Highly customizable - Most of the pack is quick to access - Densely-padded, comfortable harness system - Durable materials The interior is lined with Velcro to allow for further configurability, which is especially useful if you use smaller pouches to organize your gear when you travel. - The packability on the Jester is top notch for the price and size. - Durability :There are no obvious weak points in the construction
CONS - Sub-optimal organization - Top quick-grab pocket is difficult to unzip - False bottom in laptop compartment is small - Accessing the main compartment may take some time to get used to - Laptop sleeve can be difficult to use when the pack is full - Water bottle pockets can be difficult to use when the pack is full. - No mesh on shoulder straps or back panel restricts airflow - Internal mesh pocket doesn't work great for smaller accessories - No elastic keepers to manage excess straps Limited for the purpose of packing and protecting valuable optics and electronics. The two mesh side pockets are very, very small. It seems that anything larger than .5 liter bottles would be likely to fall out of these pockets, and the lack of compression straps means you can’t easily keep bigger ones secured.

To read further details on the models described previously, CLICK on your amazon country link from the following table :

Bellroy…Click HereMore Info.More InfoLatest Offer
Peak Design…Best OfferClick HereLatest OfferMore Info.
Mystery Ranch..Best OfferLatest OfferClick HereClick Here
Hazard 4...Latest OfferClick HereClick HereClick Here
The ‘Jester’…Best OfferClick HereBest OfferClick Here

As we have already discussed, Everyday Carry (EDC) isn’t just the useful stuff you carry around with you. EDC is a lifestyle which revolves around the idea of preparedness, self-reliance, and having the tools you need for survival on hand. For the would-be female prepper, I think it only appropiate to discuss EDC kits from a woman’s perspective :

Whether you are a man or woman, building an EDC kit is all about balancing function with practicality: How much do you really need an item? Is it practical to carry around every day? Is the item so useful it is worth carrying around, despite being impractical?

Women have an inherent advantage with EDC kits: they are more likely to carry purses. A purse can carry a lot more useful gear than would fit on a key chain or in a pocket.

However, any advantage is negated by the fact that women are more likely to be victims of crime.  This fact haunts the back of our minds in everyday situations like having to take the trash out in the dark.  If a breakdown happens, it can be damn scary to accept help from a Good Samaritan – especially if on a remote road!

A woman’s EDC kit should address the likelihood of being a victim.  It’s more important for us to have an operating cell phone so we can call for help, a self-defence weapon, and items to keep us from getting stranded.

Concerning the choice of EDC bag, we recommend the North Face women’s version of the ‘JESTER’ which is illustrated below to illustrate its modifications with respect to the male version to suit the female :

North Face 'The Jester' Backpack (Women)
Roomy and uncomplicated, the North Face Jester Daypack for women is specially fitted for comfort as you haul books or gear around town or on trips farther afield.

Women-specific FlexVent injection-molded shoulder straps.
- Comfortable stitched-foam back panel
- Removable hip belt and sternum strap
- Large main compartment fits books and binders
- Secondary compartment with organization
- Mesh water-bottle side pockets
- The North Face Jester Daypack for women has an external bungee to secure a lightweight jacket, hat or gloves.

Technical specs :
Best Use = Travel
Bag Style = Backpack
Gear Capacity (L) = 27 Litres
Gear Capacity (cu. in.) = 1,648 cubic inches
Number of Exterior Pockets = 3 + main compartment
Carry-On = Yes
Material(s) = Polyester
Dimensions :
18.5 x 13.5 x 8 inches
Weight = 1 lb. 11 oz.
Gender = Female

Women’s EDC Kit Checklist

By visiting a number of female-orientated internet Forums, Self-defence and Single-Parent websites, I have been able to draw up a list of items that are recommended to be included in your future EDC Bag. This checklist is of course not definitive but I am confident it will stand you in good stead for numerous extraordinary events or situations you unfortunately find yourself :

Hidden Cash
Bank card
Mobile ‘phone & charging kit
Lighter (e.g. Bic)

Mini First Aid Kit:

Adhesive bandages
Antibiotic ointment
Antiseptic wipes
Sterile gauze
Butterfly closures – here’s how to use them or make your own
Medical tape
Blister pads/moleskin – especially if you wear heels.
Tweezers – good for removing ticks, splinters, or impromptu grooming of eyebrows

Multi-Tool with as many of these features as you wish :
Straight blade
Serrated blade
Bottle opener
Seat belt cutter
Wire cutter
Nail file

Pain killers, individually packaged – like ibuprofen
GI medications, individually packaged
Small scissors: These can also be on your multi-tool
Personal medications: like EpiPen or antihistamines
Latex gloves
CPR barrier
Mini Flashlight
Self-Defence Items
Water bottle
Small notebook & Pen/Pencil

Hygiene Kit :
Menstrual item, like an extra tampon or pad. Keep a hidden bank card in a pad.
Hand sanitizer
Wet wipes

Female urination device : If you are unable / unwilling to squat over gross toilets, this device makes it possible to pee standing up. (For more details go to Car Emergency Kits & Selected Accessories sub-section). >>> LINK i.e.Part 5B.
Duct tape
Chapstick :
I once talked to a woman who ALWAYS included chapstick as part of her female EDC kit.  Also ADD a beeswax-based salve which comes in a tube.  It addition to chapped lips, it can be used for minor wounds, burns, or cracked skin !

NB : Reviews & Recommendations can be read in the ‘Devices’ sub-section

On a final matter regarding Women & Disaster prepping, I would like to recommend a publication to you – by DIANE VUKOVIC – ” Disaster Preparedness For Women: 52 Steps To Get Ready For Any Emergency “ :

Diane Vuković is an outdoor adventurer who loves to take her daughters camping and backpacking in the wild with nothing but the gear they can carry on their backs.

She’s also an avid traveller and has been to over 33 countries across five continents. These experiences, especially traveling to undeveloped areas where people don’t have running water and other basic utilities, have shaped her viewpoint on survival.

Originally from the USA, Diane spent time living in Bosnia before settling in Serbia. A lot of the practical prepping information Diane has picked up over the years comes from the locals here who survived warfare, siege, and hyperinflation in the 90s, as well as the occasional earthquake and flooding.

Disaster Preparedness For Women: 52 Steps To Get Ready For Any Emergency
In Disaster Preparedness for Women, Diane Vuković takes a refreshingly level-headed approach to prepping specifically geared towards women. As one of the few female voices in the prepping community, Diane prides herself on being a voice of reason.
Using extensive research into past disasters, personal experience and dozens of practical tips, she breaks down effective ways women can prepare for emergencies with confidence.

After reading this book, you'll be able to:

- Calculate food, water, lighting and other supply needs
- Make a budget and plan so you can prep in a timely, organized way
- Pack a Go Bag with items suited specifically for a woman
- Perform exercises for improving mental toughness, resilience and situational awareness
- Implement practices that help you stay safe as a woman, both in everyday life and times of disaster
- With this book as your guide, you will not only be ready for small-scale and larger disasters, but get the peace of mind which comes when you take preparedness into your own hands.
Take Preparedness Into Your Own Hands. Now !

The following organizers are for those who love minimalism, reliability and ease of use. They are convenient products made of waterproof fabric and will be your companion / assistant in your daily carry errands. They will keep your tactical pens, knives, lights, key chains, lighters and small headphones ! All very secure.

One Tigris Compact MOLLE EDC Gadget Pouch
This is an EDC Organizer Pouch.
An EDC Organizer Pouch is the smallest model of EDC bag. This is for people who have too many items to just carry in their pants pockets but not enough to require a larger bag.
It's hard to go wrong with the OneTigris Compact MOLLE EDC Pouch.
This OneTigris EDC Compact Pouch is ideal for someone who wants to consolidate all of their pocket-carried EDC gear in one location.

Their characteristics include :
- Volume : is 1 Litre or less
- has plenty of interior pockets, hooks and straps for organizing EDC equipment
- has MOLLE attachment points for integration into larger kits
- Fits in a cargo pocket or can be worn on a belt.
- Compact Molle EDC Pouch: 1000D nylon and secure seams for durability in all types of weather.
- 2 inside pockets each with 1 inside pocket, 1 large outside pocket and 1 pen sleeve.

Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 1 Vertical
With the Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 1 you can easily store your EDC gear. You can easily attach the pouch to your backpack or jeans. The back has namely been enhanced with a solid MOLLE system. A pouch has enough room for, for instance: small flashlights, pocket knives, multi-tools, batteries, paracord and much more. Always keep your gear close!

Dimensions :
- Weight 100 grams
- Length 15 cm
- Height 4 cm
- Width 10 cm

Material cordura
Material Cordura 700D

Features & functions :
- Belt loop yes
- Fastened by zipper
- Waterproof yes

In our members area, subscribers can learn details about :

1). How to create their own EDC Bag

2). Assess their own risk assessment matrix. Note that the relative risks of threats in your locality are a good way to judge whether an item is worth including as an EDC item or even in the contents of your ‘BOB’ backpack.

We now move onto the ‘SURVIVAL BACKPACK’ component of this menu in which we shall be discussing & reviewing ….

  • An Essential Introduction (SECTION 1)
  • Is YOUR CHILD carrying the correct backpack ? (SECTION 2)
  • Backpack model options for KIDS & TEENS (SECTION 3)
  • Items that should be included in Child and Teens backpacks (SECTION 4)
  • Backpack models for WOMEN (SECTION 5)
  • Backpack models for ADULT MEN (SECTION 6).

SECTION #1 -> Follow this link.




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