Survival Watches : Part 2 of 2 – The Reviews


With an outdoor watch you can find your way and measure your activities in all circumstances. The watches we recommend for your outdoor adventures and,of course, emergencies. They ALL are equipped with a barometric altimeter, a compass and GLONASS (This is a global navigation satellite system, providing real time position and velocity determination for military and civilian users).

With an altimeter you can see exactly how high you are in nature. A compass and GLONASS help you determine your position accurately and ensure that getting lost is not an option.

These outdoor watches are waterproof and/or water resistant and therefore serve their purpose even if you get caught in a shower, torrential rain or want to swim.

We have divided our reviews into 3 Groups (i.e. Groups I, II & III) :

  • Group I represents adult models, particularly male. However, the Suunto & Times Expedition XL options are unisex survival watches.
  • Group II reviews three survival watches for use by women.
  • Group III reviews a single activity / sports watch suitable for kids, boys & girls.


Name of Survival Watch Model. Casio G-SHOCK Rangeman Survival Watch. Casio G-SHOCK Mudmaster Survival & Outdoor Watch. Casio PAG24io0-1CR Pathfinder Suunto 'All Black' Military Base Men's Survival Watch. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Multifunction Altichron. Timex T49950 Expedition Shock XL.
Introduction. This is one of the best survival watches money can buy. Also from Casio, it is a feature rich watch with a wide range of functions that many other watches lack. The Mudmaster has been designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. The MUDMASTER is the perfect union of toughness and technical finesse. The PAG240-1CR Pathfinder is definitely one of the top watches out there right now. It is well designed and built with some wonderful materials, such as the countdown timer. The Suunto Core is a great example of how wearing a tactical watch can ensure the success of your mission in urban or wilderness environments. This watch is a survivalist's dream! Originally designed for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, it has a ton of useful features. It is a beautifully designed watch that suits all situations. The Timex Expedition Shock XL is incredibly affordable for a watch with so many features, which makes it one of the best tactical / survival watches out there. This digital watch was built for those who like to venture off the beaten path and love physical challenges.
Watch Type. Outdoor clock, digital. Outdoor clock digital & analogue. Outdoor clock, digital. Outdoor clock, digital. Outdoor clock digital & analogue. Outdoor clock, digital.
Clockwork movement characteristic : A quartz movement uses a battery for its power source and does not need winding like a mechanical watch. It is the most accurate type of movement currently being produced. Quartz movement. Quartz movement. Quartz movement with a digital display. Quartz watches are highly appreciated as survival watches. Quartz movement. Is powered by Japanese quartz movement. Eco Drive (with infinite light charge) with 11-month power reserve. Power reserve indicator on the dial. Quartz movement.
Technical Specifications Weight = approx.80g ; Bracelet width = 21mm ; Bracelet material = Plastic (black colour) ; Housing material & colour = plastic & black ; Water resistance = up to 100m Weight = 92g ; Dimensions are 56.2 x 55.3 x 17.1 mm ; Face diameter = 56mm ; Construction = Resin / Stainless steel ; Water resistance = up to 200m. Weight = 227g ; Dimensions = 11.94 x 10.92 x 9.65 cm ; Case material = stainless steel ; Case diameter = 5.1cm : Case thickness = 15mm ; Water resistance = up to 100m. (330 ft.) Weight = 64g ; Dimensions = ‎4.9 x 1.45 x 4.9 cm ; Bracelet material = Plastic (black colour) ; Housing material & colour = plastic & black ; Water resistance = up to 30m Weight = 127g ; Case diameter = 49.5 mm ; Super Titanium case, Liquid rubber strap ; Water resistance = up to 200m Weight = 77g ; Black resin strap. Black resin case ; Case size = 50 mm ; Shock-Resistant to ISO Standards ; Water resistance = 20 ATM / 200 Metres / 656 Ft.
Other Features / Characteristics Watch glass = Mineral glass - This is sturdy and more resistant to scratches & protects the watch from unsightly damage ; The solar cells power the clock in an autonomous and ecological way. Excess solar energy is saved in a battery ; Lighting = electric ; Day & Date = yes. Watch glass = Mineral glass ; Has a high capacity battery - in total, it can last 25 months when stored in complete darkness ; The wristwatch is also equipped with an efficient solar charging system, giving you even more power on the go ; The face features LED lights, which are useful in low light conditions. Also, the watch hands and dial numbers are covered with glowing paint so that you don't waste battery on checking the time ; Day & Date = yes. Mineral watch glass ; No batteries to replace! Large-capacity solar storage battery requires very little light to recharge and powers watch for up to 6 months on a full charge ; Full Auto EL back light. Day & Date = yes. Mineral watch glass ; Battery not solar powered - lasts 10-12 months ; Electric lighting ; Day / Date feature. Covering the face, you get an anti-reflective mineral crystal ; It never needs a battery replacement - the watch captures solar energy to keep the internal battery charged at all times. It also responds to artificial light, ensuring you always have power; Watch glass = Scratch resistant mineral crystal ; CR2032 battery-powered digital mechanism ; INDIGLO Night-Light with Night-Mode ; Month, Day & Date Display.
Range of Functions The Rangeman uses a three-sensor system to measure compass bearing, barometric pressure, and temperature. All this information is accessible directly on the watch face ; Precise GPS Navigation. Stopwatch ; Lap Timer ; Countdown Timer ; Alarm ; Multiple Time Zones ; Compass. Altimeter ; Compass ; Barometer ; Thermometer ; Countdown timer. 24 hour display ; Stopwatch / timer • alarm • Barometer altimeter • thermometer ; compass • storm warning. Altimeter from -300 meters to +10,000 meters ; Electronic compass. Both very efficient. 100-Hour Chronograph with Lap and Split Times ; 24-Hour Countdown Timer with Stop and Repeat ; 99-Lap Counter ; Vibration Alarm ; Three Daily, Weekday or Weekend Alarms with Five-Minute Backup ; Two Time Zone Settings ; Forward or Backward Setting 24-Hour Time.
PROS. Precise GPS navigation ; Stellar build quality typical of G-SHOCK models ; Wide variety of functions. Durable and resistant design ; Efficient solar charging system ; Multifunction survival watch ; It offers practical readability and is easy to use. Simple to set up and operate ; Easy to read ; Multi-functional. Well designed and constructed ; Comes with superb features ; Tough and durable. Lightweight ; Rugged construction with a comfortable strap and a nice, large, easy-to-read dial ; Altimeter and compass components present. The Timex Expedition Shock XL is incredibly affordable for a watch with so many features, which makes it one of the best tactical watches out there ; It is made of hardened resin and is shockproof according to the ISO standard, which makes it the perfect, hard-wearing and long-lasting timepiece to accompany you on your ventures ; The Indiglo back light, Timex's revolutionary lighting technology, allows you to tell the time even after dark.
CONS. Expensive. Setting up can be frustrating ; Large dimensions therefore not suitable for small wrists. Display hard to read at extreme angles ; The plastic case gets scratched too easily ! Dark display ; Needs to use a better quality battery. The large 46 mm diameter case may impose a big presence on your wrist. The wrist size for this watch may be too small for your wrist. Generally, TIMEX men watches has wrist size of 5.9 inches minimum and 8.1 inches maximum.
Overall Rating

To read additional information on any of the GROUP I survival watches previously described, CLICK on your amazon country website link in the table below OR any other link in the case of unavailability in your region.

Name Of Survival Watch
Casio G-Shock RangemanLatest Offer More Info. More Info. BEST OFFER
Casio G-Shock Mudmaster CLICK HERE Latest Offer BEST OFFER Buy Here
Casio PAG24io-01..PathfinderMore Info. BEST OFFER Latest Offer More Info.
Suunto ‘All Black’ survival watch BEST OFFER More Info. Buy Here Latest Offer
Citizen Eco-Drive ….Buy Here More Info. CLICK HERE More Info.


The survival watches for WOMEN should have similar characteristics to those designed for men, NAMELY:

(i) they must be shock and water resistant

(ii) reliable

(iii) equipped with tactical functions.

Here are our recommendations :

NAME of MODEL Casio Baby-G Analogue/Digital Watch. Timex Women's T5K809 Ironman Rugged 30 Mid-Size Black/Lime Resin Strap Watch Invicta Mako Pro Diver 8942.
INTRODUCTION A watch designed for an active lifestyle and intensive outdoor use. This is Casio's female version of their G-SHOCK model. The rose gold shade of the dial and the glittery inner rim give this watch its feminine look. This is a heavy-duty women’s tactical watch to consider if you have an extremely active lifestyle. The model is similar to the full-size Timex Ironman but it is more suitable for women. Ideal for active business women & professionals. It's a good -looking watch to wear with casual clothes. The face is about the size of a quarter, and perfect for a woman’s wrist.
IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS. Dial Color: White ; Case Shape = Round; Band Color = White ; Band Material = Resin ; Watch Movement Type = Quartz, Watch Display Type = Analog ; Case Material = Resin ; Water Resistance Depth = 100 meters. Durable Resin Strap with Buckle Closure ; Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial ; Water resistant to 100m (330 ft) ; Case size = 34mm ; Display = digital. Case Size: 24.5mm Case Material: Stainless Steel Bezel Material = Stainless Steel Bezel Color = Blue Crown Type = Push Crystal Type = Mineral Dial Material = Metal Water Resistance = 100m Clockwork Movement = Quartz.
FEATURES / FUNCTIONS This watch has a world time feature covering 29 time zones and 48 cities around the world ; 5 daily alarms ; a pre-programmed calendar until 2099 ; You will also be able to choose between AM/PM or 24-hour format. The digital dial displays the current time, date and day of the week, while a back-light will allow you to see the time in low-light conditions ; the Ironman has a chronograph, three alarms, two time zones, stopwatch and countdown timer. The round case is made of two-tone stainless steel, the round analog dial striking with its intense blue hue ; The marks for the hours, as well as the hands of the watch, are luminescent and a magnified window for the date is located at 3 o’clock position ;
PROS Water-resistant ; Shock-resistant ; Analog-Digital ; White appearance does not show up dirt ; Very feminine ! Water-resistant ; 2 Time Zones ; Night Mode feature ; Lightweight. Unidirectional Bezel ; Water-resistant ;Easy- to-read.
CONS. Negative customer feedback as regards the back-light being "a bit dim". The buttons on this model are quite sensitive / easy to press and therefore can be pressed accidentally ; Colour of actual model is a bit different from what is promoted ; Not as suitable for the really rugged activities. Difficult to read under water ; Smaller than actually seems from promotional literature.

To read additional information on any of the GROUP II survival watches (for women) previously described, CLICK on your amazon country website link in the table below OR any other link in case of product unavailability in your region.

Name of Model
Casio Baby-G ….Latest OfferClick HereBuy Here !Best Offer
Timex Womens T5K809 … Latest Offer Click Here Buy Here ! Best Offer
Invicta Mako Pro … Latest Offer Click Here Buy Here ! Best Offer


Kids are active & quickly lose track of their schedules. That is why they need exceptional watches to help them develop good habits. The product below will certainly help them achieve this objective.

Cofou Kids Digital Activity & Sports Watch
The Cofou Kids Digital Sports Watch stands out as the best survival watches for kids thanks to its stylish design, kid-friendly instruction, and tactical features.
Cofou Digital Sports Watch is made shockproof with a rubber strap and a stainless steel case, which is very durable despite abuses. Your kids can even wear this watch when showering or swimming because it is highly waterproof. It is good news that you can save money from replacing watches for your kids so often. Digital numbers and auto night lights are also easy to read day-and-night.

Tactical functions will make your kids love wearing this timepiece every day. In addition to accurate times and calendars, this watch is equipped with :
- alarms and a stopwatch so that your kids can arrange their days effectively.

- Provide tactical functions to help kids schedule their days
- Waterproof and shock-proof for kids’ worry-free usage
- The strap is made from resin for quick drying
- Large numbers and dial for easy reading
Sporty design with a variety of colors
- Battery is replaceable.

Programming can be a challenging experience !

This survival watch is the best place to start teaching kids to value time and organizing skills.

We can now move onto discussing the merits of possessing a Survival Knife and, of course, the excellent options available to the beginner prepper/survivalist.

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