How To Maintain Your Food Supplies

Careful maintenance and regular checks of your supplies will reduce spoilage and protect you from a “rude awakening” during a real emergency that you are short of food. We have therefore compiled the most important measures for stock maintenance for you below:

  • A stock plan saves searching and rummaging through storage cupboards or freezers and helps to keep track of the amount of supplies.
  • Always consistently supplement the supply plan or delete removed food.
  • Always place new supplies backwards or downwards. First consume older goods.
  • Label, quantity and date of self-made or frozen food.
  • Sort out rotting fruit and vegetables before they can “infect” healthy goods.
  • Formed mold must be removed immediately so as to not affect other goods. Mold on jam can be removed generously if the jam is made from equal parts of fruit and sugar. If in doubt, refrain from consuming it and destroy the food.
  • Food cans that are unusual in appearance , ie the base or lid are curved outwards, indicate that the contents are spoiled. Under no circumstances should their contents be consumed.
  • Regularly check the best before date (BBD) for packaged goods and consume food in good time. If no best-before date is printed, the purchase date should be noted on the product.
  • Check everything you have made yourself for airtight lids or foils. Do not consume the contents of open glass or plastic containers.

Below is an illustration to further clarify this important topic regarding maintaining your food supplies and minimizing waste :

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