SURVIVAL LIGHTING : Part 4 of 6 – LED Lanterns For Emergencies

What is the best source of light during a Power Outage ?

The best source of light during a power outage is any high-quality portable LED light source. LED flashlights use less energy than regular flashlights, which means longer battery life. They are also capable of being as bright or brighter than other bulbs while retaining their efficiency.

What is an LED Lantern?

An LED lantern can refer to any type of lighting device that emits light using a special lamp called a light-emitting diode or LED. An LED is a very compact, bright lamp that gives off less heat than a standard incandescent lamp and therefore uses less energy and lasts much longer. An LED light can come in a variety of colors, which also makes it more versatile than many other types of bulbs.

When grouped, LEDs can provide a strong beam of light that can be focused in a single direction or several directions. An LED lantern generally focuses the light beams in different directions to throw enough light to illuminate the immediate area. The brightness of the LED lantern depends on the number of LEDs in the lantern itself.

Such lanterns usually run on batteries; depending on the number of LEDs the lantern contains, it can run on only one AAA battery, on different D size batteries, or other battery sizes. Unlike other lanterns such as propane lanterns, an LED lantern is safe for indoor applications; campers can use LED lanterns in a tent as they are not flammable in contrast to their propane counterparts. Since LED lanterns do not give off heat like propane lanterns or standard incandescent bulbs, they are safe to touch AND safe to use especially when children and/or pets are in vicinity.

LED lanterns are also increasingly used for emergencies. During blackouts in buildings, LEDs are often for backup lighting in hallways and stairs; LED lanterns are common in emergency kits for office buildings and vehicles because of their long life and low energy consumption; and rescue teams use LED lanterns as well as headlights and LED flashlights in various emergency situations. Therefore, the remainder of our discussion will not consider inflammable gas or liquid propelled lanterns.

How many lumens do I need for an emergency lantern ?

100-400 lumens: This is a good range for larger rooms. It’s also good if you want to illuminate a space enough for multiple people to read without straining their eyes. 400+ lumens: If you need to do tasks outdoors in the dark, you’ll need at least 400 lumens.

For this particular group of survival / emergency lighting devices, we shall be reviewing / recommending particular models as we describe their features. This is in complete contrast to previous reviews where we have started with a criteria for selecting the most appropiate device for your needs. By adopting an alternative analysis, the reader will still be able to conclude (if any) which is/are the models prefered.

The first 3 we shall review are :

  • VONT 4-PACK LED CAMPING LANTERN (Best all-round performer)
  • MalloMe Lanterns Battery Powered LED (Best value for money)
  • BLAZIN 1500 LUMEN LED LANTERN (Brightest in its class)
Name of Model VONT 4-PACK LED CAMPING LANTERN MalloMe Lanterns Battery Powered LED BLAZIN 1500 LUMEN LED LANTERN
Specifications - Weight = 390g with batteries - Power Source: 3 AA Batteries - Battery Life: 90+ hours - Brightness = 140 lumens - Weight = 510g w/ batteries - Power Source: 3 AA Batteries - Battery Life: more than 15 hours - Brightness = 146 lumens - Weight = 590g w/ batteries - Power Source: 4 D batteries - Battery Life: up to 200 hours - Brightness 1500 lumens
Description Simple yet stylish design. The compact design makes it very easy to carry and fits easily on almost any backpack. Low power and long-lasting LED provide powerful and bright lighting without wasting much battery power. - constructed from military-grade materials - Equipped with 30 bright LED lights. - Collapsible for portability & adjusting brightness - Water resistant A top-notch LED lantern for all any emergency situation, this is a perfect choice for you. This multipurpose LED lantern comes with 146 lumens and provides 360-degree brightness. It runs on 3 AA batteries. - This weather-resistant lantern is durable, reliable, and made of the highest quality CE and ROHS approved military-grade ABS material. - Ultra-Bright 146 lumen LED lantern. - Military-grade materials. - Collapsible Design. - Water-resistant. - Color = Frosted Top - Durable & Rugged! Water resistant professional grade materials. - Brightness For Storms and Blackouts! 1500 lumen. Patented COB bulbs provide 360 degrees of soft white light, eliminating the dark patches created by old model bulbs. Perfect for blackouts, it lights up the entire room so everyone can read, play games or just enjoy family time..
PROS / CONS The company is offering a lifetime warranty for this LED lantern. We recommend this to anyone who is looking for a heavy-duty LED lantern for indoor and outdoor use. The material is sturdy, durable, easy to operate, and the batteries last a very long time. However, few customers also complained that the quality is the main problem as they are all plastic made and not military grade, so they highly doubt it is water resistant. . Unbelievable Runtime! . Frosted Anti-Glare Cap that provides softer lighting that is easier on the eyes over long periods and eliminates lingering visions whites spots when accidentally staring directly into lamp. Some users complain that frosted shield is easy on the eyes, BUT still too bright !
Overall Rating website link (CLICK IMAGE) website link. (CLICK IMAGE) website link. (CLICK IMAGE) website link. (CLICK IMAGE).

Below, our final 2 lantern product reviews which as with previous reviews earlier are well-suited for emergency use when there is an absence of light.

NAME Of MODEL Streamlight Super Siege Rechargeable Lantern with USB Output Port (Coyote). LE LED Camping Lantern Rechargeable
SPECIFICATIONS - Dimensions = ø: 3.8 x H: 7.5" / ø: 9.6 x H: 19.1 cm Weight 1.9 lb / 0.9 kg - Material = Polycarbonate, Rubber - Colour = Black - Weight = 900g - Power Source: 3 D Batteries - Battery Life: more than 36 hours - Max Brightness = 1,1000 lumens - Min. Brightness = 125 lumens - Med. Brightness = 550 lumens. - Runtime (white): high, 5.8 hours; medium, 11.5 hours; low, 36.3 hours - Dimensions (LxWxH) = 4.5 x 4.5 x 8 inches - Weight = 721 g - Power Source = USB Rechargeable & Battery Powered - Max.Brightness = 600 lumens -
DESCRIPTIONS / FEATURES The Super Siege shines a maximum 1100 lumens of white light, with medium and low settings for when a dimmer light will do, and offers a constant-on or flashing red light setting. You can stand it up on its base, or use the D-ring in its base to hang it upside down for large area lighting needs. The polycarbonate lens cover produces a soft 360° glow, and can be removed if you need more intense light for a task. Multi-functional product par excellence & features 4 light modes : 700 lumens cool white, 300 lumens warm white, 1,000 lumens cool white, and 1,000 lumens flash mode — to meet the brightness you desire. - .The front light is the standard flashlight and on the side is the LED light that can be used as nightlight. In addition, it is built in rechargeable batteries, so you can take it anywhere you need without worry about power run out of the built in battery as you can also add 3 D size batteries to the lantern.
PROS / CONS + Multiple lighting options ; + Rubber base is suitable for uneven surfaces. < Very expensive ; < Battery life is lessened in highlight mode and when charging other devices. Its multi-functional metal handles and a built-in compass make this lantern perfectly suitable for emergency lighting purposes. - To adjust the brightness, all you have to do is long press the switch. One great thing about this lantern is that it produces light at a 360 degrees beam angle. - Runs on D batteries (sold separately) which are not terribly cheap - There is need for a better and protective light cover. - The dimming button is not convenient. - There is need for a better and protective light cover.
OVERALL RATING website link. (CLICK IMAGE) website link (CLICK IMAGE) website link (CLICK IMAGE). website link (CLICK IMAGE).

We now move onto the penultimate sub-section (i.e.PART 5) of this SURVIVAL LIGHTING menu by considering devices which are of considerable importance when we need to charge our energy / lighting devices because our normal power source/s is/are not available due to malfunction and/or empty.

The power-charging devices to be reviewed are SOLAR ENERGY CHARGERS.





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