Canning Foods for Survival. Part 2 of 6 : The Benefits

One of the essential skills for Preparedness and Survival is Canning which is preserving food through pressure cooking in containers.

This way, you can save money and store food to last a long time for sure. When faced with any emergency food crisis scenario, you can rest assure you will have plenty to eat as long as you have planned ahead.

The efficiency of Canning in food preservation is that it alters food chemically by changing the moisture, pH, or salinity composition / levels to protect against microbes, bacteria, mold, and yeast. It also limits food enzyme activity. Combining these chemical processes with the physical barriers of glass jars, seals, and lids effectively enhances preservation not least by inhibiting or eliminating severely food decomposition.

So what are some of the benefits of Canning ?

  • Well, the obvious is your food supply if and when you need it.  When the grocery stores no longer get shipments because trucks are not coming to re-supply the stores what are you going to do ? Don’t be left out in the cold or without a food supply.  Canning is easy once you get the hang of it and can be kind of fun if you get the family involved to accomplish the task together.  It will go faster and they may even want to help the next time!
  • Simple to understand easy to do. Speedy with little materials required. Few bacteriological and microorganism cross-infection risks. Produce therefore lasts longer.
  • One of the many advantages of canning is that it best preserves the nutritional qualities of food.
  • Canning is relatively inexpensive.  All you need are either your home grown items or items you bought from the store, plus your time, ingredients and jars.  Look for the mason jars at your local grocery store, online or at the larger food warehouse type supermarkets.
  • Finally, Canning is an introduction to Food Diversification. It also allows a beneficial evolution of habits in habitats. For example, it offers the possibility of consuming summer fruits and a number of green vegetables in the heart of winter. All without preservatives, and with natural taste qualities preserved.
CANNING FOOD FOR SURVIVAL : Part 3 = Essential Starting Materials




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