This Is How Food Can Be Stored.

In order to maintain the temperature and humidity conditions for most foods, your household should ideally have the following storage options available:

  • Refrigerator (0 to 6 ° C)
  • Freezer or freezer (-18 ° C or below)
  • Larder, pantry (15 to 20 ° C, up to 70% relative humidity) can be ventilated, dark)
  • Basement (4 to 12 ° C, 85 to 90% relative humidity, ventilated & dark)

In the case of packaged foods, storage instructions are usually given, which mean the following:

  • Freezer storage: Storage in the freezer or in the freezer at temperatures of -18 ° C or below.
  • Store in a cool place: Store in a refrigerator or refrigerators at temperatures between 0 and 8 ° C.
  • Store cool: Store in a cool place, not in the refrigerator, at temperatures up to max. 18 ° C.
  • Store at room temperature: Store at temperatures from 18 to 22 ° C, whereby no other conditions (such as humidity) need to be observed.
  • Protect from heat: The goods generally tolerate higher temperatures than room temperature, but must not be stored (even for a short time) in the immediate vicinity of a heat source (heating, direct sunlight).
  • Store dry: Store in a dry place with a maximum of 70% relative humidity.
  • Store protected from light: Store protected from direct exposure to light.

The information in the following tables below present a rough guide for storing food :

Stored GoodsStorage LocationStorage Time
Leafy vegetables (lettuce, spinach)Fridge, fruit and vegetable compartment2-3 days
Fruit vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber) and seed vegetables (peas, beans)Fridge, fruit and vegetable compartment2-3 days
Root vegetables (celery, carrots, kohlrabi)Fridge, fruit and vegetable compartment8 days
Root and cabbage vegetables (cabbage, leek, beetroot, carrots)Cellar, 1-4 ° C, 90-95% relative humidity3-4 months
(II) FRUIT :  
Soft fruitFridge, fruit and vegetable compartment2-3 Days
Tropical fruits, unripe citrus fruitscool but not in the refrigerator 
apples and pearsif possible not above 5 ° C, dark, airy, at least 85% rel. HumidityApples 3-5 months, pears 1-3 months
Canned vegetablesdry, airy, preferably below 20 ° C, glasses dark1-2 years, observe the best before date for purchased goods
Preserved fruit, marmalade, jam, jellydry, airy, preferably below 20 ° C, glasses dark1 year, observe the best before date for purchased goods
Canned fish and meatdry, airy, cool below 20 ° C if possible, observe the information on storage on the packagingseveral years, note well best before date
Frozen foodsat least -18 ° C, storage conditions are indicated on the packagingNote the best before date
Frozen Food :  
fruitat least -18 ° C8-12 months
vegetablesat least -18 ° C6-12 months
Bread / rollsat least -18 ° C1-3 months
fleshat least -18 ° C3-12 months, depending on the fat content
cheeseat least -18 ° C2-4 months
Dry Products :  
fruit and vegetablesdry, dark, airy, in glasses or tin cans, poss. below 20 ° C1 year, observe the best before date for purchased goods
Dry potato productsdry & below 20 ° C1-2 years
Semolina, groats, pearl barley, oat flakes, corn flakes, green spelled, rice, starch, pasta (noodles)tightly seal-able jars or cans, dry1 year
Whole graindry, ventilate regularly2 years
Bread, freshBread box, stone potWheat bread: 1-2 days, whole grain bread: 10-12 days
Crispbread, rusksdry1 year, note the best before date
Milk / Dairy Products :  
Milk ( pasteurized )fridgeNote the best before date, 2-5 days
Cream, yogurt, unopenedfridgeNote the best before date, 2 weeks
Soft and cream cheesefridge3-4 days
Semi-hard and hard cheesefridge8-10 days
Fats / oils  
Butter, margarinefridge4-6 weeks, observe best before date
Vegetable fatsdark, up to 20 ° Cmany months
Edible oils, originally sealeddark, up to 20 ° C6-12 months
Edible oils, openeddark, up to 20 ° C4-8 weeks
Potatoes :  
small quantitiesBasket or wooden box, dry, cool, airy2-3 weeks
large quantitiesPotato rack, slatted frame, dark, airy, 5-10 ° C, 80-90% rel. Humidity6-8 months
Fish :  
Fish, freshRefrigerator, coldest point 0-4 ° Cup to 1 day
Meat / Sausage :  
Meat, rawRefrigerator, coldest point 0-4 ° C1-2 days
Boiled sausage, rawRefrigerator, coldest point 0-4 ° Cup to 1 day
Minced meat, rawRefrigerator, coldest point 0-4 ° CMax. 8 hours
Raw sausages and hamCool, dry, up to 15 ° Cseveral weeks
Cooked sausage, smokedRefrigerator, coldest point 0-4 ° C2-4 days
Chicken, rawRefrigerator, coldest point 0-4 ° C1-2 days
Sugar, salt, teaDryvirtually unlimited
Coffee (vacuum packed), cocoa, chocolateDry, 15-20 ° CNote the best before date

* Best before = best before date

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