Kits and Devices.


Why is the first aid kit essential for any good, self-respecting person?

It can never be over-stressed, it’s never to late to prepare AND rehearse for an emergency. and that is precisely why it is imperative to make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that you are in possession of the best and appropriate materials to cope with any crisis facing you.

You’ve probably already thought about buying a carry-on suitcase for flying or choosing the best travel toiletry bag. But the first aid kit is a very special piece of equipment since it may never be used, which is what we sincerely wish. However, if you were to face an injury such as a cut, burn, or insect bite, or worse, then having a first aid kit would allow you to deal with this type of unforeseen event to the best of your ability.

Kits and Devices

first aid kits, these products are designed so that they can help you react as quickly as possible in the event of an injury . This is why they have many different products and accessories that all have very specific uses. However, in any case, it is important to keep in mind that a product of this type weighs only a few grams, is only a few inches long, and does not cost a fortune. 

It would be a real shame not to equip yourself with such a kit before an unforeseen and serious event whose consequences could have been minimized.

What are the components that make up a first aid kit?

To be considered a good first aid kit, a product of this type must be equipped with several dozen different products and accessories , some of which will actually be more likely to be used than others. Obviously, in all cases, you will find dressings, antiseptic or even a pair of scissors allowing you to cut the plaster to make a bandage. 

In the interest of hygiene, ensure that latex gloves are included and,space permitting, a mini bin in which you can throw away your various used disposables such as cotton wool balls, bandages,plasters.

To leave no room for guesswork and to be sure that you are choosing the best first aid kit, you will need to be very vigilant in your research. 


However, there is nothing very complicated here since, despite appearances, the characteristics to be taken into account are ultimately quite a few. What helps me, is to ALWAYS try to bear in mind The Principles of First Aid :

  1. Preserve Life. …
  2. Prevent Deterioration. …
  3. Promote Recovery. …
  4. Taking immediate action. …
  5. Calming down the situation. …
  6. Calling for medical assistance. …
  7. Apply the relevant treatment.

Obviously, the first choice criterion to study concerns the products and accessories present in the first aid kit. You will have to make sure that the product for which you choose contains everything that you might need in the event of a problem.

Then, take a closer look at the dimensions of the first aid kit. Usually, such a product is not very bulky and weighs only a few grams, which will allow you to take it with you everywhere. Bear in mind, some can also be bulkier, hence the importance of not being caught off guard at this level. 

Finally, the last criterion for choosing a first aid kit concerns the price. It is not necessary to plan several tens of euros of investment to buy such equipment since, as you will quickly realize when starting your research, even a cheap first aid kit could totally satisfy you.

Here are 3 First Aid Kits to consider :

Surviveware Small
The Surviveware first aid kit is an excellent stand-alone kit that includes enough supplies to cover a small group for several days.
In addition, for those seeking a kit for a longer trip, it includes enough quality implements that it would be easy to add extra gloves, dressings, and medications to make this a kit capable of handling a week or more in the wilderness. ALSO ...

- It has a low weight when compared to its high level of usefulness
- Very durable waterproof bag, quality tools, removable CPR kit ( instructions sewn in)
- Includes 100 items organized in labeled pockets.
- Surviveware uses the same trauma shears you would find in a hospital
- No medications, No first aid manual. Whistle is quiet !
MyMedic MyFAK first aid kit
The best first-aid kit on the planet! Equipped with life saving supplies, so you feel prepared, protected, and confident. The best for situations that need above average trauma gear.

- These kits have everything that is needed for back country medic situation.
- This fully-stocked kit is impeccably organized in a high-quality case, includes name-brand medications, quality tools, and supplies that are in proportion to their utility.
- This is not a lightweight kit but is a reasonable size and weight for a group backpacking kit.
- Bulky, medical book only available as eBook.Costly but gives value for money.
Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit (120 Piece)
The Swiss Safe 120-Piece First Aid Kit has a durable, water-resistant nylon exterior with a full list of every item printed on the back. This survival bag comes with a mini first aid kit within the larger kit that’s perfect for throwing in a smaller pack or purse for extra peace of mind. It’s also easy to zip and has a nice handle on top for easy maneuvering.

- At 9 x 3 x 6 inches, this first aid kit is relatively small and fits easily in my duffel bag and hiking backpack. It’s also surprisingly lightweight for a kit with 120 pieces (and 32 additional items in the mini kit)
- Versatile : A jack-of-all-trades kit !
- most impressed with the resuscitation device and the included bandage that can become a sling—not to mention the effectiveness of the trauma shears to get to wounds or other ailments quickly.
- This kit is listed under $30 and is a steal in terms of value.

Finally, tips for using your new First Aid Kit ….

Replace what you use.

Hopefully, you will never have to use the contents of the first aid kit. But if it is necessary to use things from the first aid kit, fill in immediately what has been used. This way you prevent that you miss the next time.

Check the shelf life regularly.

Regularly check the contents of the first aid kit for the expiry date. Some dressings are only useful for a limited time. Therefore, regularly check the contents of the first aid kit and replace what is necessary.

Remove what’s unnecessary from the first aid kit.

Many standard first aid kits contain items that are unnecessary. A good example of this is the triangular canvases. These were used to tie a sling, but these types of cloth are hardly used today. Therefore, remove everything unnecessary from the first aid kit. That way you also create more space for your own stuff.

Set up ‘mini’ first aid kits for walks and other minor activities.

Are you planning to do a lot during your trip or vacation? Then consider bringing two first aid kits. In the (larger) travel first aid kit you put everything you need, plus some extra stock. You keep this in the car, suitcase or tent. In addition, you take a mini first aid kit for in the backpack during walks and activities. That way, you don’t have to lug around that big first aid kit every day !

Improve your First Aid experience and knowledge base: Attend a first aid training course in person and/or online training.

Not sure what to do in the event of an accident? Then consider improving your knowledge. This can be done via an official course, but there are also a number of online first aid training classes available. Handy! because then you’ll learn exactly how to act in a crisis situation.

Now let’s move on to the next sub-section, Car Emergency Kits.

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