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In all honesty, this was NOT one of my favourite subjects not least because the use of the word ‘survival’ naturally implies that this device will primarily be used for combat / self-defence situations where life is at risk.

This is in many ways a stereotyped kind of thinking because self-defence is only one of many reasons we survivalists / preppers carry a survival knife.

Thankfully, the research done on survival knives proved fruitful in the end because a good sound knowledge and understanding of their uses / functions was obtained from the infograph described below. Following on from this, it was possible to not only understand the existence of a plethora of options in today’s markets but also suggest future purchasing options.

After all, choosing a survival knife is a personal habit governed by your needs as well as the shape, size of the knife and the material/s from which it is constructed.


We start our review with a multi-pen knife option which as well as being suitable for activities in the ‘wild’, for any tradesman or DIY task, it would not go a miss in any EDC bag – male or female.

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife, Red
This is the best 'all rounder'. This Swiss Army Knife has everything you’ll need for most jobs around the house and for times when you’re in need of a set of tools / instruments for quick-fix situations.
The Huntsman boasts the classic Swiss Army Knife profile and boasts 15 useful tools including a large and a small blade, standard and Phillips head screwdrivers, scissors, can opener, tweezers, wood saw and more.
- DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Swiss made stainless steel construction encased in our popular scales offers a slimmer profile and is extremely resistant.
- High-quality stainless steel and sleek polished ABS housing
- Features 15 compact tools any tradesmen or ‘DIY’ enthusiast will appreciate
- Compact every day carry comfortably fits in a pocket or bag
- Made in Switzerland with a lifetime guarantee
- Total length of 3.6″ with weight of 3.4oz.
- Made in Switzerland !

NAME of MODEL Buck Knives 539RWS Open Season Small Game Fixed Blade Knife Kershaw Blur A/O EDC Knife. EDC Ontario Rat-1 Knife. Spyderco Tenacious 8Cr13MoV EDC Knife.
INTRODUCTION. Hunting Knife. Made with quality materials, the Open Season series is offered with an S30V steel blade and shaped handles in Rosewood Dymond wood. Kershaw has earned a reputation for the quality of its EDC knives and the Blur is everything EDC knives aspire to. It's beautifully crafted, cuts a moderately aggressive profile, has a serrated section on the blade - if you need a larger saw blade - and has a diamond-coated carbon blade that prevents corrosion from setting in. It's an ergonomic dream to hold and it has just enough weight to let you know it's there. The Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife has the clean profile of classic EDC knives with a 3 ½ "AUS 8 stainless steel blade that resists corrosion. It also features a molded nylon mesh handle that provides excellent grip. hand, two thumb studs and a compact closed length of just 5 in. It's the type of EDC knife that cuts the line between utility gear and survival gear, and quality. Spyderco takes a 21st century approach to EDC knife design and the results are both visual and functional. One of the large, mid-sized EDC knives that will easily fit all your daily tasks.
FEATURES / SPECS. - STEEL S30V - HANDLE = Rosewood ; Dymond wood - LAMA 10.8 cm - THICKNESS 3 mm - TOTAL 19.3 cm - WEIGHT 85 g - SHEATH leather - This version of the Kershaw Blur has a 3.4-inch stainless steel drop-point blade - diamond-like carbon-coated handle, - SpeedSafe assisted opening, a liner lock and steel plate for locking, (The SpeedSafe feature allows you to open the knife quickly and safely with one hand). - a reversible pocket clip, and weighs just 3.9 ounces. A smooth action on the Ontario RAT 1 allows for an easy one handed deployment of the knife. Textured G10 scales make up the handle, while the razor sharp blade is comprised of AUS-8 steel. - Weight 5.05 oz - Blade length 3.625 inches - No springs - Thumb studs on both sides of blade. - Simple yet effective design. - 7.77" Overall Length. - LinerLock. - 3.39" Blade. - 51" Round Hole. - 4.38" G-10 Handle. - Full Flat Grind. - 8Cr13MoV Steel. - Available in multiple serrations and colors.

For additional information information about these particular survival knives, CLICK on your amazon country link in the table below :
Buck Knives..Click HereClick Here
Kershaw BlurClick HereN / A
EDC Ontario..Click HereN / A
Spyderco Tenacious….Click HereN / A

EDC knives are an old school kit that stubbornly refuses to give way to the digital age. They still find a myriad of uses and are worn by men and women of all walks of life. 

The EDC knives we’ve reviewed here are the best in our opinion and any one of them would be a proud addition to your everyday gear. One more thing to keep in mind about EDC knives: Most knife laws target knives with a blade greater than 4 inches in length. Since 99% of the EDC knives on planet Earth are below this benchmark, you are not going to find yourself in hot water with the authorities even if it is “hidden” in your pocket, BOB or EDC bag.


Details to be uploaded shortly !


Many parents have 2 questions on the subject of pocket knives and their child/children :

  • should I give my child a sharp knife ?
  • what is a good age (if any) to give children their first pocket knife ?

The idea here is that a blunt knife would be safer than a pocket knife with a sharp edge. However, in reality, the exact opposite appears to be true: a sharp pocket knife is safer than a blunt knife when used responsibly. With a blunt knife, a child will use much more force to get something done, which increases the chance that the child will slip. This is not an issue with a sharp knife. For this reason it is important to sharpen the knife when it starts to become blunt. 

Pocket knife with 2 sharp sides > Prohibited.

Please note that only a pocket knife with one sharp side is legal in many countries. 
There are also pocket knives with two sharp sides, where the back of the knife contains serrations, for example. 
This means that the pocket knife may only be taken with you if you can explain why the pocket knife should be used. 
By way of illustration: your child may carry a children’s pocket knife in the woods, but this is prohibited at school or, for example, during an afternoon of shopping. 

In the latter two situations, the pocket knife can be taken away during a control.

Make clear agreements with your child.

When you give your child a sharp children’s pocket knife, it is important to make clear agreements with each other : 
Determine together when your child can take the children’s pocket knife with him and discuss how your child should use the pocket knife. 
For example, teach your child that the knife may not be used as a weapon under any circumstances –
NEITHER against people NOR against animals. 

What types of children’s pocket knives are there?

Children’s pocket knives come in different types, which can make it quite difficult to make a choice as a parent. The first question you probably ask yourself: when is my child ready for a pocket knife? This differs per child! One child is motor skills at a younger age than the other. 

In addition to the child’s motor skills, his sense of responsibility also plays a role. Your child must understand that the pocket knife, even a model for children, can be sharp and therefore dangerous. 

[ Tip: Do you purchase a children’s pocket knife for a child that needs it for scouting ? In that case, ask other parents at the association which pocket knife they have bought for their child. The scouting club may provide guidelines for the children’s pocket knife ].

Swiss army knife with multiple tools

A distinction is made between a relatively simple children’s pocket knife and a model with various additional tools. 
Think of a Swiss pocket knife with scissors, a small saw and, for example, a hook in addition to a knife. 
Most of the tools on an elaborate Swiss army knife a child will not use. 
Think of the corkscrew that is often added to this, or the bottle opener. 
Incidentally, not all Swiss pocket knives are so extensive, take another look at the Victorinox Evolution Junior, for example :

This model only has a blade, wood saw, nail file and Phillips screwdriver. 
With these tools, your child can build a hut with natural materials, or, for example, gather small pieces of wood for a fire in the evening. 

Foldable and simply designed pocket knife If you are sure that your child will not need these extra tools, it is wise to buy a foldable and simply designed pocket knife. 
This pocket knife model offers 2 important advantages : 

(1) = the pocket knife will malfunction less quickly after all, there are fewer parts to it. 
(2) = the chance of accidents is smaller, because you know for sure that your child cannot use the various additional tools in an irresponsible way. 

A child normally already knows how to use a knife. 
Choose a pocket knife with a lock Both the Swiss army knife and the relatively simple model without extra tools should contain lockIt prevents the pocket knife from unfolding at an unexpected moment, with all the associated risks. 

A child can cut himself badly on the knife when he takes the unfolded pocket knife out of a bag or pocket. 

By way of illustration, I would advise against My First Victorinox children’s pocket knife due to the lack of such a protection on this pocket knife 
despite the fact that this model is specifically intended for children !


Name of Model Victorinox Evolution Junior 09 Pocket Knife. Victorinox My First Victorinox H
INTRODUCTION This was designed for the young adventurer. This fully-functional Swiss Army knife features real tools, including a large, sharp, locking blade with a rounded tip for additional safety for younger users. Up to 8 characters can be custom engraved on each side of the Victorinox Evolution Junior 9 Swiss Army Knife, in addition to 10 on both sides of the main blade. The Victorinox My First Victorinox is a Swiss pocket knife for children. This knife is namely enhanced with a blunt tip and a sharp edge. This tip prevents a lot of accidents. The edge ensures that you can still use the knife for many different tasks.
BASIC SPECIFICATIONS : - weight ; - length of blade ; - construction material ; 56g ; 8.5cm ; material of blade = stainless steel & material of handle = Cellidor. ( Compounds is cellulose acetate butyrate. It has 13 % phthalate-free plasticizer and low odor. Offers pleasantly warm and soft). 45g ; 8.4cm ; material of blade = stainless steel & material of handle = Cellidor.
DESCRIPTION / FEATURES / FUNCTIONS. - The Evolution grip fits the contours of a hand, so it's safer to grip and offers precise control. - 8 different functions/tools to help you work through many tasks ; - Locking blade has a rounded safety tip ; - Saw function rips through wood ; - Tweezers tucked into the handle ; - 9 Functions including Blade, large with rounded tip Toothpick ; Bottle opener ; Can opener ; Screwdriver 5 mm ; Wire stripper ; Tweezers ; Wood saw ; Key ring.
PROS + Ergonomically shaped handle ; + " As a scout leader I see most injuries are related to improper use and the blade closing on little fingers. This knife has a locking blade so problem solved ". + The build quality is excellent ; it is safe yet sharp. + Good range of functions ; + Includes metal chain and neck strap.
CONS <<< Pricey ; <<< Lack of pliers function. <<< No locking blade feature. This is a major concern for a device which is specifically for child use. <<< Pricey.

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