Food & Water : Introduction

The best way is to relieve the pressure on emergency services in crisis situations for real emergencies is if as many people as possible can supply themselves with sufficient food and potable water at home to last a minimum of 72 hours / 3 days or, ideally, for 14 days.

The secure supply of water is of immense importance. It is more important than food since the human organism cannot do without water for more than 3-4 days. A water consumption of around four litres per person per day should be planned (2.5 litres per day is the absolute minimum). It’s not just about drinking i.e.consumption requirements

It is also important to use the water for hygiene / sanitation  and cooking . The four litres are divided roughly as follows: two litres of drinking water, one litre for personal hygiene / cleaning and one litre for cooking.

Emergencies do not only mean quarantine situations like the Corona outbreak. Even in the event of flooding, a widespread power failure or a severe storm, there is a risk of finding food difficult to find. What to stockpile and how much will be discussed in the relevant food storage drop-down menu.

Needless to say, our unique 30-Day course adequately describes and explains the most important considerations associated with Food/Water Preservation & Storage. As I personally discovered, it is not just a case of purchasing in bulk and storing in a cupboard ; nor is water storage just a simple procedure of filling containers and utilizing spaces in the house and/or garage.

All that being said, when you have planned and executed these tasks correctly, the self-satisfaction is enormous.

Every food has special requirements in terms of storage and preservation. It is ideal if you have an unheated pantry or cellar in addition to a refrigerator and freezer. That being said, our future discussions with respect to Food Storage will take into account power outage events where the refrigerator/freezer function is not available.


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