DEVICES : Power Banks – A Mobile Source of Power

Introduction Power Banks are mobile additional batteries for supplying energy to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or even laptops. There are 3 types of power banks: external battery blocks, outdoor power banks and power cases/battery covers. It must be

DEVICES : Anti-Flood Bags For Home Protection

After extreme rainfall, which now occurs more frequently , there is a risk that entire residential areas will be flooded and homes & properties seriously damaged if not destroyed. Let’s first consider a general overview of what needs to be done Before,

DEVICES : Portable Power Stations.

1).Introduction Portable Power Stations are compact, battery-powered generators that can charge small items , such as cell phones and portable fans as well as common domestic appliances, for example refrigerators. So, assuming you fully charged the battery before a predicted


INTRODUCTION There is no excuse for not wearing good clothes OR footwear ! It is important that you stay dry and warm in all circumstances. Clothing that is not waterproof and/or dries slowly is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.

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