9-Day Candle

9 Day Yartzeit Candle
Hand Crafted in Europe by expert candle makers, these candles are designed to burn slow and emit a warm, soft glow. Unscented and smokeless, you’ll barely notice these candles are lit.

Although this candle isn't necessarily meant for survival kits, it truly is an excellent option for one. This candle lasts for 9 days, and it comes in a plastic holder, so it is a free-standing candle. People have used it for emergencies, and it would be great for outdoor light.

- It is also clean-burning, so it doesn't add smoke to your home.
- It is supplied in a plastic holder and so can stand on its own. You can set it up anywhere.
- Made from 100% vegetable oil.

These holders contain the flame safely so you need not worry about anything near the candle for its many hours of burning.

it may drip a bit out of the container, so make sure to keep it in a safe area. It's a great option for anyone who might be in a power outage or storm situation for a few days.


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