XTAR VC2 charger with LCD display
The XTAR VC2 charger is a two bay battery charger, capable of charging either one or two batteries simultaneously, and it can charge a huge range of different battery sizes. The most popular battery sizes for e-cigarette use are 18350, 18650 and 26650, all three of these are supported by the XTAR VC2.meaning and it is also robustly built, being manufactured from fire proof materials.

- Net Weight: 109 g
- Dimensions: 131 mm (length)x 66 mm (width)x 33 mm (height)
- Compatible with IMR lithium battery
- Each channel is independent

- Compatible with small capacity battery
- Over heat protection
- LCD displays each battery real time statues.

t is simple to use, you simply insert a compatible battery into either of the dedicated battery bays, the contact will adjust to fit the battery snugly, and the XTAR VC2 will automatically begin charging, it will also choose the most suitable charging current for your batteries, meaning that they do charge quickly, but above all they charge safely as well.
- If you have inserted a bad battery, the XTAR VC2 will let you know about it. Reverse polarity protection means that you won’t damage your batteries or the charger if you insert your battery the wrong way round, and a short circuit protection circuit is built into the XTAR VC2.
- A highlight of the XTAR VC2 is it’s large and clear LCD screen, which is easy to read and offers you detailed real time information. You can see the progress of how your batteries are charging, as well as the charging current, and you can also see the current mAh capacity of your battery. You can even check the true mAh capacity of the battery by fully draining it, and recharging it through the XTAR VC2.

It is always important to own a safe and reliable battery charger. Purchasing this device represents a worthwhile,long term investment as welll as value for money.



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