BuckEye Fire Exting.

Buckeye 13315 ABC Multipurpose Dry Chemical Hand Held Fire Extinguisher
The ONLY regret we had writing about this product was the fact that it was only possible to promote it to our members in North America. It satisfied ALL the requirements of an excellent car fire extinguisher :

- Aluminium valve & pin substantially reduce the possibility of failure commonly associated with plastic mechanisms
- light (2.5 lbs) but built sturdily with good quality metal parts
- has a clear color-coded pressure gauge that shows when it’s out of charge
- comes with a neat little vehicle mount so it won’t roll around in the trunk
- good size that seems to be adequate for most vehicles. For storage purposes this one requires about 15 inches by 5 inches of space somewhere accessible in the car. For example, it could be mounted behind a seat or in the trunk or under the seat. The Amazon page for this product provides some examples of how people have mounted this model in their cars.
- The discharge range is 9 – 15 feet and the discharge time is about 9 seconds. We liked that we would be able to stand at a fair distance as we fight the vehicle fire.
- It’s also independently certified, which is always reassuring
- Certified to deal with both liquid & electrical fires.


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