CYNERGY Lifelight Emergency Flaslight & Multi-Func

Cynergy LifeLight Emergency Flashlight & Multi-Function Tool
A fully functioning car emergency tool, survival flashlight and hand crank cell phone charger !
LIFELIGHT is no normal flashlight for car, its also a emergency window breaker and seat belt cutter.The LED Flasher and Beacon light could play a big role in for rescue teams needing your location.

- This safety flashlight is also water and shock resistant with a built-in compass and 3 500mcd LEDs.
- Equipped with the built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery making it a top product for your car emergency kit emergency that anyone would use for their survival tools and gadgets.
- With LIFELIGHT in your car could prevent a number of serious situations because it has a built-in seat belt cutter and a window glass breaker.
- LIFELIGHT is also a wind up flashlight, no battery flashlight you simply hand crank to recharge.
- With LIFELIGHT being a car flashlight, car glass breaker and seat belt cutter all in one its a roadside hero.
- It is undoubtedly an essential emergency car safety tool and car survival kit.


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