UCO Storm Proof Match Kit with Waterproof Case
Quality storm-proof matches. They are a wood match but with notable features :
- 25 windproof and waterproof matches included
- A longer wood body provides for more burn time as well as extra safety by keeping your fingers away from the flame.
- The matches come wrapped in plastic inside a cardboard box with a striker on the side.
- Additional strikers are included.
- they are completely stormproof. Once ignited, they will keep burning no matter the wind speed or how much it is raining. They will even burn underwater!

> Easy to light
> Longer match body is easier to light even when wearing gloves
> Long burn time.
> Incredibly difficult to extinguish once lit
> Affordable.

- They cannot not be extinguished by blowing them out or by using water. This can pose a safety concern when considering your environment, so use with caution.
- Requires the striking surface on the box in order to ignite
- Not recommend for use indoors as they produce more smoke than regular matches and have a strong odor to them.
- Not recommended for simple tasks, such as lighting a candle.
- Once the main body of the match has burned the flame will go out


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