Gas Stoves – group iii Remote / Inverted gas Cartridge

Primus Primetech Stove Set 1.3L
The Primetech Stove Set by Primus is a cooking set comprising a gas stove and its windshield, 2 pots of 1.3L, a removable handle and a fire starter.

The 2 pans are made of hard anodized aluminum. The large pot has a ceramic non-stick coating. It is equipped with a heat distributor allowing water to boil about 2 times faster than with a non-optimized cooker.

The small pot is made of hard anodized aluminum and does not have a heat distributor. You can use it as a "normal" pan, as a bowl or to protect the ceramic coating of the PrimeTech pan during transport.

Thanks to the large pan and the windscreen, the efficiency of the stove is optimized. The pot has an integrated heat exchanger which reduces fuel consumption almost in half compared to a conventional stove. The stove has a regulating valve that provides constant power even when the cartridge is low on fuel or cold.

COMPACT SIZE: The two pans, the windshield and the tongs form a compact unit in the storage bag.

- Weight = 4* (727g)
- Construction = 5*
- Power = 5* ( 2000 W - 7000 BTU / H )
- Stability = 5*
- Portability = 4*
- Wind Protection for Burner = 5*
- No. of Perons = 1-3 People
- Boiling Time 1 Litre = 3 mins. 30 secs
- Autonomy = 119 min with a 230 g cartridge
- Accessories included = Fire starter, Saucepan, Wind screen, Storage bag, Stove rack.


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