Cofou Kids Digital Activity & Sports Watch
The Cofou Kids Digital Sports Watch stands out as the best survival watches for kids thanks to its stylish design, kid-friendly instruction, and tactical features.
Cofou Digital Sports Watch is made shockproof with a rubber strap and a stainless steel case, which is very durable despite abuses. Your kids can even wear this watch when showering or swimming because it is highly waterproof. It is good news that you can save money from replacing watches for your kids so often. Digital numbers and auto night lights are also easy to read day-and-night.

Tactical functions will make your kids love wearing this timepiece every day. In addition to accurate times and calendars, this watch is equipped with :
- alarms and a stopwatch so that your kids can arrange their days effectively.

- Provide tactical functions to help kids schedule their days
- Waterproof and shock-proof for kids’ worry-free usage
- The strap is made from resin for quick drying
- Large numbers and dial for easy reading
Sporty design with a variety of colors
- Battery is replaceable.

Programming can be a challenging experience !

This survival watch is the best place to start teaching kids to value time and organizing skills.



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