TITAN MIL-SPEC 550 Survivor / Paracord. (100 feet)
Titan Survival Cord takes parachute cord to a whole new level by adding reliable survival strands to the core of MIL-SPEC cordage: Fishing Line, Snare Wire, and Fire Tinder.

- Exceeds Type III military paracord specs with a tensile strength ( max. load = 280kg
- The waterproof, twisted jute fiber strand is designed to quickly start fires in an emergency.
- The 30 AWG metal wire. The Snare Wire is a 30 AWG (0.25mm) proprietary Brass alloy with an impressive tensile strength of ~7lbs, that can also be used as an emergency antenna, a trip wire, an electrical wire, and so many more things.
- The integrated mono-filament fishing line is a clear, 25 lb. Nylon line that is strong and perfect for catching fish in oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds.
- CARE ! The outer sheath slips quite a bit on the inner strands.
- god range of colour options
- Top quality product : 5-Star amazon rating from over 2,000 reviews.


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