TETTON Sleeping Bag – Tall Persons (esp.N.America)

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag
If you’re struggling to find a larger-sized sleeping bag, this model would be one of the most popular, reasonably priced sleeping bags to consider.

- Shape = Rectangular
- Size = 90" x 39" Left Zip
- Closure Type = Zipper
- Color = Black
- Fill Material = SuperLoft Elite
- Outer Material = Poly Taffeta
- Temperature Rating = 32
- Dimensions (L x W x H) inches :
89.96 x 38.98 x 3.94 inches
Weight = 3.2 Kilograms

While the Teton Sport Celsius XXL is an entry level product, it does offer excellent value for money. So, if you’re hesitating over buying yourself a sleeping bag because of your height, this would be a great first time purchase.

- .At 90 inches Long, the Teton Sport Celsius XXL is recommended for heights up to 6 foot 6 inches
- With a Width of 39 inches, you shouldn’t have to worry about your above average height restricting your width, even if you’re on the bulky side.

It's a heavy sleeping bag & not the most compact when stored in its stuff sack.

You can also keep your phone or other necessary camping gear close at hand, thanks to the inclusion of an interior pocket.
Given the price of the TETON Sports Celsius XXL sleeping bag, it is especially surprising that it is one of the longest and warmest models on our list, not counting the numerous extra features.


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