Snugpak 100ltr Bergen

Snugpak Bergen 100 Litre Backpack
For a week or more: for less than 170 €, you can get your hands on a 100-litre survival backpack: the Snugpak Bergen ! Despite its imposing volume, it weighs only 2kg empty - a godsend! Available in 55 L, 65 L and 75 L versions.

- The Snugpak Bergen features an array of well thought out fixing points, loops, and adjustment points for securing your essential camping kit, and balancing the weight of the Snugpak Bergen on your back.
- It's tough, but as all packs do, will benefit from a coat of "sealing" compound such as Nikwax to help increase the material's life span and water-resistance of the pack.
- once balanced correctly the Snugpak Bergen is comfortable : the straps are well padded, with adjustment straps at the top to help "pull" the Bergen into your shoulders, and upper back.
- For a pack of this size, the Snugpak Bergen also offers excellent ventilation in the form of a well-padded back panel with an included "air channel" which really does help to reduce that sticky, sensation when you perspire.
- The hip and sternum straps are of excellent quality, and when using the pack they all do work well to transfer the weight down your center of gravity, collectively helping to reduce unnecessary pain or fatigue.
- When you are carrying a heavy load over long distances and crossing multiple different types of terrain, in varying weather conditions, you are always going to be in pain or at the very least experience some discomfort. It's simply unavoidable but the question you really want me to answer here is it a good option? and is it better than many of the packs in its price and size range? The answer to these is simply yes !



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