Victorinox Swiss Tool X Plus multi tool

Victorinox Swiss Tool X Plus multi tool
The Victorinox Swiss Tool X Plus multi-tool in the Leatherman design offers an above-average range of functions and detailed workmanship. On the other hand, the multi-tool from the traditional company Victorinox is one of the most expensive products in this category. This multifunctional tool is nonetheless a bestseller and is highly regarded by consumers.

- Type : Pliers multi-tool
- Dimensions (l x w x h) : 1.50 x 3.10 x 2.10cm
- Weight : 290g
- Material : stainless steel

No.of Functions = 37 ; No. of Tools = 15 :
> Knife ; Pliers ; Stripper blade ; Blade ; Screwdriver ; Saw ; File ; Scissors ; Glass breaker ; Bottle opener ; Tin opener ; Corkscrew ; Ruler (23cm) ; Lanyard loop.

The model is in the solid average and is quite handy. The Swiss company manufactures both the tool and the pliers shells from robust, stainless steel, so you can count on a long service life.

+ Includes leather case and bit key ;
+ lifetime guarantee ;
+ Special tools such as wood chisels or reamers are available ;
+ With the Victorinox multitool, every tool can be locked automatically.

CON/s :
< Knife cannot be opened with one hand.



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